Class 35 review (07/30/2002)

  1. Last PERL/CGI and 088 assignment is due on August 2nd.

  2. Searching fields specified by checked checkboxes on the submitted FORM.

  3. CGI functions, including blockquote(), hr, p, and a().
    See the PERL script and the CGI :standard functions.

  4. How can you sort in reverse order?
    @a = sort(@a);   # array @a is now sorted into ascending order...
    @a = reverse(@a);   # array @a is now reversed, so since it was sorted
                          in ascending order BEFORE it was reversed,
                          it would now be sorted into DESCENDING order.
  5. How can you sort in reverse order, part 2. Also, how can you sort in numerical instead of ASCII order. ASCI order is the default sorting scheme for PERL.

    Four different SORT statements illustrated, sort of anyway.

  6. PERL online documentation for module.

    1. Very simple example. This PERL script is self-referencing, as we discussed in class many times.

      Here is the simple example running version, which had @!/usr/bin/perl instead of #!/usr/bin/perl as the shebang line slimer this morning in class.

    2. Creating checkboxes using functions.

    3. Radio buttons via module.

    4. Popup menus in CGI :standard.

    5. Scrolling lists created using CGI.

    6. Clickable Image buttons, this is advanced.

    7., if you are so inclined.