Class 36 review (07/31/2002)

  1. Review and study Tuesday's class. Excellent preparation for last assignment and for exam.

  2. Sorting movies by length of film title, and by length of quote: Version one, showing techniques but not in CGI or HTML context.

    See just the output.

  3. See PERL code for NESTED OL lists, Sorted movies, by length of title and length of quote.

    See the beautiful browser output of the above CGI script, and do NOT forget to View menu Source to see how nicely the HTML is formatted.

    PhotoShop annotated Browser output with FOUR of the size TEN movies displayed, along with their quote lengths.

  4. Answer to student question: When to Sort. Understanding and learning from the sorting by length example code.

  5. PhotoShop annotated colorful screensnapshot of View menu, Source to see the nicely formatted HTML, as produced by the PERL script. I did edit it so some of the LI quotes look nicer to illustrate the results of the sorting by length of movie and of quote from the movie.

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