2nd 4 weeks 810:088

Monday, August 5th Control Break HELP, email note.

VIP: URL for your last PERL project email

VIP: FINAL EXAM guidelines and
the CHEAT SHEET specifications.

June 10th-July 3rd, 2002: First 4 weeks lecture reviews, JavaScript and PERL pages.

VIP Email: Take home exam was handed out today (Wednesday, July 3rd). Also web site.
  1. Monday, July 7th - 2nd 4 weeks begins. Class #19 review.
  2. Tuesday, July 8th - Class #20 review. LOST. Please see if you have a cache or printout of it! class20.html is the name of it.
  3. Thursday - Class #22 review. Includes JavaScript assignment (converting a PERL page). Wait - not assigned yet.
  4. Friday - Class #23 review.
  5. Monday-Tuesday Classes #24-25 review. Lots of material about Unix and DOS and directory concepts as well.
  6. Wednesday - Class #26 review.
  7. Thursday - Class #27 review.
    • Extra credit: Bonus points.

    • First PERL assignment. Uses the moviestabsplit.txt exported, tab delimited or tab separated fields file.

      More help on PERL assign #1, which you received as an email message. Includes a very helpful example program which extracts just the Comedy movie names. Also suggests some of the HTML creating code.

  8. Friday - Class #28 review. July 19th, 2002.
  9. Monday July 22nd - Class #29 review.
  10. Tuesday July 23rd - Class #30 review. Includes link to PERL exam study guide and practice questions/exercises.
  11. Wednesday July 24th - Class #31 review.
  12. Thursday/Friday July 25-26 - Classes #32 and #33 review. Also note about PERL EXAM.

  13. Tuesday July 30 - Class #35 review.

  14. Wednesday July 31 - Class #36 review. Includes (or will SOON include) several versions of problem we started to solve in class. Very helpful for current assignment.

  15. Thursday August 1st - Class #37 review. See new material and assignment helpful hints as of 6:12 p.m. Thursday evening.

    Final Exam and Final Project due date note. You have until next Tuesday for PERL movies project.

TEST: FINAL EXAM - Friday, August 2nd - Test #3 of 3.

Last PERL and 088 assignment.
Due Tuesday, August 6th.
Send CORRECT URL, please.

Thursday, July 25th - Test #2 Moved to MONDAY JULY 29th

VIP: Cheat sheet and PERL movies extended one day.
Exam #2 extended too.