Test One Study Guide - Fall 2012
Tuesday, October 9th, 2012

  1. Flash ActionScript 3.0 buttons and Flash basics.

  2. Flash ActionScript 3.0 and navigateToURL and URLRequest, Functions, MouseEvents, CLICK, addEventListener(), buttons, frames etc.

  3. Fall 2011 Flash invisible Skip Intro button assignments: Flash Snorg Tee Intro's Assignments.

  4. Excel VBA 09/29/2011 exam questions.

  5. Excel VBA: Study Guide for Sep 29th, 2011 CS 1010 01 TEST ONE

  6. Study Guide for EXAM TWO from Fall 2011. Link to video tutorial on Buttons and ActionScript 3.0. Also see Buttons have FOUR STATES. Nov 17th, 2011 EXAM TWO study guide.