CS 1010 01 - Week #2 (Aug 28-30)

We will be in StudioIT 2 (ITTC 136) instead of StudioIT 3 this week only.
2nd floor of the old East Gym.
ITTC 136 and ITTC 138 are just above the CCC (Computer Consulting Center)

Tuesday, August 28th

  1. Turtles Monday through Friday measurements spreadsheet. Each day of the week needs to become a separate row. Six macros developed in class to solve the problem: TurtlesVBAmacros.pdf.

  2. If you want to play with the Turtles VBA macros and modify them or run them one macro at a time to see how each part works: Class3Turtles.xlsm. Note: The .xlsm with the M as the last character on the file extension instead of .xlsx with X as the last character means the Excel workbook has been saved as MACRO ENABLED. If you do not choose to save it as MACRO ENABLED, all your macros are thrown away and not saved!

Thursday, August 30th

  1. Shooting Free Throws simulation using Excel VBA macros.

  2. ...