CS 1010 01 - Week #6 (Sep 25-27)

StudioIT 3 (ITTC 138)

Tuesday, September 25th

  1. What is the output of the VBA macro? Show the output to demonstrate understanding of VBA.

  2. Write the Excel VBA user defined function to do the following:

  3. Flash Intros and navigateToURL - skip intro or at the end of the intro.

  4. NetLogo Forest Fire output as task for Excel VBA macro. DUE ON OCTOBER 5th anytime as attachement to jacobson@cs.uni.edu

    I will LOOK at the VBA code too. If you macro works fine, but your VBA code is NOT INDENTED, points will be taken off. White Space IS IMPORTANT!! Show the logic.

    Sub testOpenFile()
        theFilename = Application.GetOpenFilename("CSV Files,*.csv")
        Workbooks.Open Filename:=theFilename
    End Sub
  5. .csv files from Forest Fire model runs in NetLogo.

Thursday, September 27th

  1. ...