Flash Intros Assignment - October 31st, 2011
Due date: Before Thanksgiving break anytime

  1. The Assignment: Tuesday, November 1st handout - PDF scanned specs.
  2. Thursday, November 3rd example: Preliminary phase does NOT include the simultaneous four corners half sized graphics. This is ITEM #6 on the PDF scanned in specs handout sheet.

    See the TimeLineLayers.jpg screensnapshot. It will help you understand the November 3rd example here.

  3. Complete Version with FOUR CORNERS: Flash Intro with 4 corners and invisible button.

    Be sure to scroll down and study the JPG screen snapshots.

  4. Want to solve this problem/assignment in half as much time with twice as much taken away skill and understanding?

    With twice the level of preparation for the future midterm and final exams?

    Do it right now and study less for the final exam later. And get a better result in less time NOW on this assignment.

  5. Resources to study for relevant Flash ActionScript and building Flash Intros - 2009 CS 1010 resources.
  6. FlashButtonsStanford21st.html is the example that was developed on November 3rd and November 8th in class. It is another example of what the assignment could be, but to save class time only two of the required FOUR images were sequenced.
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