Microcomputer Applications and Systems Integration
Fall 2013

VIP: Final Exam Study Guide/Outline with old exams, practice exercises, concepts, videos, etc.

Final Exam Thursday December 17th, 2013 3-4:50 p.m.

After Effects: Week #08 October 22nd and 24th.

Assignment (paper and pencil) due on Thursday, 10/24 at the start of class.

Cirplosion Game - try it out. Can we develop a simpler version of it?

ActionScript 3.0 Game Programming University textbook resources.

The Flash elastic band Striker application...

VBA Excel Birthdays Macros from October 1st class. Excel Visual Basic for Applications, aka VBA macros: 23 birthdays. Was there a repeat? Racing rectangles.

  • Shooting Free Throws Excel VBA Macro project... Due Tuesday, October 8th.

    Excel VBA macros file - from 19 records to 95 records. One day per row instead of five days per row.

    Navigating to UNI or Iowa State or Iowa with one button.

    Try out the Paddle Ball Game...

    The Flash Game University book games link.

    Club folder for Matching Game.

    Rock, Paper, Scissors from SnorgTees web site.

    Photoshop skills and review from After Effects page.

    Tossing or throwing Six or Ten sided Dice....

    Rock, Paper, Scissors will NOT be due until Tuesday, September 17th.

    Preview/study these examples BEFORE Thursday, September 14th: How to make one Flash button that can be used to choose the Rock or the Paper or the Scissors.
    1. Choose Snow or Song or Bubbles with one Flash button. See the Campanile dancing to the UNI fight song.

    2. Very simple invisible button to Show or to Hide Snowing effect. Four lines of ActionScript 3.0 Flash code.

    3. What does the Invisible Button Down State look like: Up, Over, Down, Hit are the four states. The DOWN state has Drop Shadows to enhance the feel of interacting with the application.

      Here is the ActionScript 3.0 code used to do the Song, the Snow Falling, the Bubbles or the Song and Snow together.

      ShowHide_btn.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, showOrHideSnowing);
      function showOrHideSnowing(evt:MouseEvent):void {
         if (mouseY<62) {
         } else if ( mouseY < 124 ) {
         } else if ( mouseY < 186 ) {
         } else {
      function hideEverything():void {

    4. Adobe After Effects to FLV Flash video to Flash video tutorial and links to other examples.