Study guide for Exam 2 - Fall 2011 - CS 1010
12:30-1:45 p.m. Thursday November 17th, 2011

  1. Buttons and ActionScript 3.0 and Flash. Terms, code, concepts, states. Do not worry about the Breaking Apart Text question. That is the only thing we did NOT cover.

  2. 23:46 - Flash Intros video tutorial: Cross Dissolves, ActionScript 3.0, SkipIntro_btn Button, Frames, Keyframes, Import JPG or GIF to Library or to Stage, Motion Tweens instead of Classic Tweens were used.

  3. 31:24 - Flash video tutorial part 2: Buttons and ActionScript 3.0 Flash video tutorial - creating buttons, UP, OVER, DOWN, HIT, navigateToURL, addEventListener, Twirling Text animations with Classic Tweens.

  4. Buttons in Flash have FOUR STATES.

  5. Racing Rectangles and the Sub to cause the delay. We have seen this in September and again in November. pauseDelayAmt() uses the Timer function, which is built into Excel VBA. View menu > Immediate Window.
    Sub pauseDelayAmt()     ' See "Handout from September of 2001" link for code...
                                          '     -----------------
        stopTime = Timer + delayAmt
        theTime = Timer
        Do While theTime < stopTime
            theTime = Timer
    End Sub   

  6. Reset the Race - Sub ResetRace() moves the rectangles back to the top of the spreadsheet. For Each loops, sounds like 4H as in 4H clubs. For Each = 4 Each = 4 H = H H H H

    Shows pauseDelayAmt() SUB again too.

  7. Excel VBA Test One: 1010TestOnePage02.pdf - review test one and your Excel Visual Basic for Applications code. Functions and SUBs and Cells(whatRow, whatColumn) and show the output, etc.

  8. September 29th Test One: Study Guide for Test One - mostly Excel Visual Basic for Applications.

This page will also be the STUDY GUIDE for the Final Exam, with only a few additions - Excel VBA stuff and Ghostbusters and waggle dancing bees stuff.
There will NOT bee any waggle dancing bees or Ghostbusters and Polya problem solving questions on the 2nd midterm exam. Those concepts will be covered on the Thursday, December 15th 3-4:50 p.m. final exam.