Adobe Flash audio/animation assignments

  1. Leslie is done. Waterloo Blackhawks, Cedar Rapids Rough Riders and Dubuque Fighting Saints... Ice hockey and UNI club team.

  2. Cody is done. Charger, Nova and Mustang... Cars!

  3. Ghazi is done. You're fired, Does not compute, Wind energy...

  4. Avery is done. Stormy weather, cars, and Batman...

  5. Brendon is done. Two wheeler twirling reminds me of my Honda Super 90.

  6. Mitch is done. The Doctor, the Ood, the Daleks and the Cybermen. Who are they?

  7. Matthew is done. Thunder, other explosions of sound, and relaxing nature sounds and sights.

  8. Cody is done. Thunder, Football games, and For Crying out loud.

  9. Mia is done. Lions, American history, Jungles, and Walt Disney classics.

  10. Hannah is done. F R I E N D S - Chandler, Ross, and Joey...

  11. Nathan is done. Pigs, Owls, Alligators.

  12. Zach is done. A Bird, a plane, what is it up in the sky?

  13. Thomas is done. Mario, Bowser, Yoshi. Meryl Streep movie.

  14. Tim is done. Lamborghini, Ferarri, McLaren. Rev your engines.

  15. Alex is done. Electric, Acoustic (nylon string/classical), and Blues acoustic. String theory, knot, Sheldon.

  16. Erik is done. James Taylor's "I've seen fire, and I've seen rain...". Also, spring break destinations.

PERL/CGI random quotes pages - CS 1020 01 Spring 2013

Email note (updated) about QUIZ ONE...

  1. Brendon is done.

  2. Cody is done.

  3. Mitchell is done.

  4. Timothy is done.

  5. Mia is done.

  6. Avery is done.

  7. Thomas is done.

  8. Dustin is done.

  9. Lee is done.

  10. Ghazi is done.

  11. Nathan is done.

  12. Leslie is done.

  13. Alex is done.

  14. Zach is done.

  15. Cody is done.

  16. Hannah is done.

  17. Matthew is done.

  18. Erik is done.