CS 1025 01 - 9 MWF

  1. Flocking Birds and Waggle Dancing Bees - is done.

  2. The take home Final Exam questions are ALL DONE.

    Email attachments to jacobson@cs.uni.edu or turn in at CS office (305 ITTC) or under my office door (307 ITTC). ITTC is old East Gym. My office and CS dept office is top floor, corner nearest the Union.

    Or turn in part or all during the final exam period at 10 a.m. Wednesday morning in Lang 213 classroom/lab. It is NOT due until Friday at 6 p.m. however, so no pressure to finish it before Wednesday or before all your other finals are all done.

  3. Old Ghostbusters Model Building material is useful to look at, but there is a link to it from Flocking Birds and Waggle Dancing Bees page. SEE LIST ITEM #5 and the parallels between the first FOUR steps of problem solving and Model Building. Analyze, Formulate, Solve, Verify. waggle.txt and ghost.txt

Gravity and After Effects example: Gravity1025.aep

Due Monday, November 15th: Sine and Cosine and Adobe After Effects - 14 questions assignment.

QUIZ TWO on Friday, November 4th:
  1. Email about quiz two and PDF handout.

  2. QUIZ ONE old study guide: Monday, ...Study Guide... See #1, #2, #5, #6, #7 and #9 again to help you prepare for QUIZ TWO.

  3. Monday, October 31st handout: Oil Percolation and Fractals group exercise.

GasLab Maxwells Demon Netlogo Chemistry/Physics model assignment. OH Susanna notes and lyrics

QUIZ ONE: Monday, October 17th. ...Study Guide...

  1. What is a TORUS? Netlogo TORUS world.

  2. Page1ExamFall2009.pdf

  3. Old Quiz with Vensim is here.
Assignment #4:
  1. Vensim Assignment: Modeling Population Growth using Ventana Vensim.
  2. Due date: Friday, October 14th.
  3. Send attachments to jacobson@cs.uni.edu. One is the Vensim file, the other will be a Word or text document with the GRAPH and the TABLE output of your model.

Assignment #3:
  1. Predator/Prey model and NetLogo basics - Panthers versus Jackrabbits or Lynx versus Hare.

  2. Vensim - introduction to system dynamics modeling and tools.
VIP: Assignment Two - due anytime on Monday, September 12th in 213 Lang classroom, or under door of 307 ITT office, or via email to jacobson@cs.uni.edu as note and/or attachment.
09/14/Wednesday - EVEN and ODD turtles: Music, GasLab Maxwell's Demon model - NetLogo chem and physics.

CS 1025 - day #1 review

  1. Turtles are following the mouse.

  2. Music and NetLogo: Happy Birthday - 60 is C, 62 is D, ..., 72 is C and 60 + 12 = 72.

    More examples/explanations Music and NetLogo...

  3. The class syllabus was handed out for the 9 MWF class.

  4. Flocking of birds example: Watch the movie and then play with item #5, the NetLogo model published to the web. (Note: Lang 213 is late getting the NetLogo installed in this computer lab, but we can use the same model in any web browser).

  5. Look at the Forest Fire model in the Earth Science portion of the NetLogo Models Library. Read about it first, then click RUN FIRE IN YOUR BROWSER to try it out.

  6. Another forest FIRE model available from SHODOR.

  7. Shodor Data Flyer tool used to Plot Data. We will plot some Forest Fire simulation output during the first week of class.

  8. What types of things will we do in CS 1025? See http://www.cs.uni.edu/~jacobson/025/r/ for outline of the major topics and some of the examples.

CS 1025 - day #2 review - day #3 preview

  1. Assignment One is due on Wednesday, August 31st. Playing the Monty Hall game with a model. Your simulation experiement will try to figure out which strategy is best - sticking with your first choice or switching to the other door.

  2. Friday and Monday we can discuss Assignment One, if neeeded, so be sure to ask questions about it if you have any. jacobson@cs.uni.edu if you want to ask ahead of time by email.

  3. Playing with NetLogo turtle graphics - handout from class #2 - Wednesday, August 24th. Try out the links too! To be continued on Friday.

    One of the links is this Netlogo basics video tutorial created in fall of 2010. Watch it. Take some notes on it. Its only 12 minutes long.

  4. Link to download and install NetLogo on your computer (PC or MAC). It is FREE!

    Netlogo is also available at most of the computer labs on the UNI campus, including all CNS labs and all of the SCC (Student Computer Center) labs like the Library, Union, Redeker, Towers, Lawther, etc.

  5. We will look at the NetLogo Flocking of Birds example on Friday.

  6. Where is the Computer Consulting Center, NetLogo class review, etc. August 23, 2010 email is useful one year later! :-)

  7. Check out this NetLogo example of airplanes flying and fish swimming. How is NetLogo able to do CIRCLES??? Be sure to try out the SLIDERS and all 3 BUTTONS.

CS 1025 - day #3 review

  1. NOT YET! :-(

CS 1025 - day #4 review

  1. Predator/Prey model and NetLogo basics - Panthers versus Jackrabbits or Lynx versus Hare.
  2. Flash ActionScript and the bouncing ball. Gravity to be simulated.