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  1. Week #14 resources/review.

EXAM #1 and EXAM #2 scores and average.

Week by Week class links/reviews/outline.

FINAL 8-9:50 am Tuesday May 5th: Take home FINAL EXAM... Due at the start of final exam period

Final Exam period will consist of discussion and group activity and movie segments from Ghostbusters, Pretty Woman and Dances With Wolves.

You may turn in any extra credit work AFTER the final exam period by the end of finals week (on Friday afternoon by 6 p.m.)

What's this class about?

  • Welcome to the CS 1025 Spring 2015 class...
  • Ghostbusters movie as a metaphor for computer models and simulation will be a unifying theme of the course. Pretty Woman and Dances With Wolves movies mentioned enough to make it a trilogy.
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    2. Depending on your major, this course might just be your BEST choice for satisfying the LAC Core 1C requirement. Are you one of these majors: Graphic Design, Communications, Art, Electronic Media, English, Philosophy, Theatre, Religion?
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    4. Why take CS 1025? What is covered?


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