Spring 2015 computer graphics and animation classes
Take one, two, or all trio

  1. All 3 count toward 12 credit, 4 class certificate in computer applications.
  2. All 3 count toward credit for the Digital Computation bundle in the Interactive Digital Studies major or minor.
  3. One counts towards LAC Category 1C requirement.
  4. One counts as an approved elective on the Electronic Media major (CS 2880 11 Maya).
  5. This is the FIRST time both Maya 3D Graphics and Visual Effects, Animation, and Motion Graphics have been offered during the same semester.

Why take CS 1025?  More info... Why take Maya?  See what it does! Visual Effects, Animation, and Motion Graphics

  1. CS 1025 01 Modern Tools for Exploring Data (formerly named Computational Modeling and Simulation). - 8 TTh

    Adobe After Effects, Adobe Flash, NetLOGO turtle graphics, Scratch, Maya animation, 2D and 3D graphics and animation...

    Two midterm exams, no final exam. Final exam period has a theme of Ghostbuster's, Pretty Woman, Dances With Wolves movies and their problem solving lessons group activity/party.

  2. CS 2880 11 3D Graphics and Animation in Maya - 12:30 TTh

    Maya has won 3 academy awards since 2003. Maya has been used to create the award winning special effects on every movie for the past 15 years.

    Autodesk Maya is free software for students for up to 36 months.

    1. It was a rainy, dark night in the city. Batman! (disguised as The Batball) The Batball hero has an adventure and goes on a journey (Spring 2013 project).

    2. Oh Maya! UNI Panther life in your dorm room: Hagemann, Rider, Shull, Noehren, Campbell, Lawther, Dancer, Bender, ...
      (Fall of 2012 Maya student's followup project for UNI graduation)

      Maya was used in the creation of the 2013 University of Northern Iowa Spring Commencement Electronic Media video shown at the graduation ceremony in McLeod Center. Grant is a Communications: Electronic Media major who took Maya in fall of 2012, making great use of it in the video shown at the most recent UNI graduation ceremony!

    3. Trouble in River City! The talented ball plays on the four holed pool table (Spring 2009 project).

  3. CS 2880 12 Visual Effects, Animation, and Motion Graphics - 12 MWF

    1. Cameras, Lights, Animation, Special Effects, 80% Adobe After Effects, 10% Photoshop and Illustrator, 10% Autodesk Maya.

    2. Can you hear me now? A special emphasis will be placed on integrating After Effects with Audio and sound effects - for example, we will make the Campanile dance to the beat of the UNI fight song.
      What about animating a character or building to The Interlude?

    3. After Effects Apprentice book has been used in the past. Now the entire book is video training from LYNDA by the authors and is on lynda.uni.edu web site.

Mark Jacobson : jacobson@cs.uni.edu