Transforming and RAISING your TEST #1 Score - Extra Credit Points

Divide points missed by 2
or, make test worth 100 points instead of 50 points...
By Wednesday, November 30th...

  1. TEST ONE: Questions 1 thru 4: Oct17thTestQ1to4.pdf Monte Carlo and Where Is Waldo questions.

  2. Background: Test One results, distribution and extra credit initial post from Monday, October 24th.

  3. Test Two, IF we have to have it, is scheduled for Friday 11/18/2016.
          VIP: WE DO NOT HAVE TEST TWO ON Nov 18th.

    Monte Carlo Problem #1 and Problem #2 - EXTRA CREDIT

  4. To make up Monte Carlo Problem #1 points and divide the number you missed by 2, do the following:

    1. Write out the following four pages of MonteCarlo11_14_2012.pdf notes with PEN or PENCIL on four sheets of paper.
      Write down every detail of these hand-written and scanned in notes thta were provided on the study guide and as a handout.
      Use FOUR pages, i.e. TWO SHEETS of paper, front and back, or FOUR PAGES. Do NOT cram the four pages on 3 or 2 or 1 sheet.

      Write out or rather rewrite these notes with lots of white space and lots of size, so it fills four pages. No small font sizes. Leave some room so its easily readable and so you can go back and add notes or comments later on. Take your time and make it readable. Rewriting your own notes or someone else's notes is a great way to learn and understand. Its okay to do it a page at a time in several different sessions over a couple of days even.

    2. Watch the following 11 minute and 23 second long Monte Carlo Circles video and answer the following questions:

      Useful supplement: Print out the following PDF MonteCarlo.pdf that we did in class during week #7. It occurs in the VIDEO as an example on Monday, October 3rd, so it will be helpful to have a printout.

      Monday afternoon, October 3rd followup to video example that was solved in class:
      MonteCarloMonday10032016.pdf - study these notes and explanation. Take NOTES on these notes.

         1. Write out the entire procedure code for turnFarAwayCowsToStars.  It is given
               early on in the video.  
            Include the TO turnFarAwayCowsToStars first line
               and the  END last line 
                                      of the procedure.
            Be sure to INDENT your code, 
               as shown in the video.  PRINT neatly.  
            It should be easily READABLE.
         2. What was the area of the world?  
            How did I avoid having to use a calculator or multiply by hand
            and calculate what 33 squared was?
         3. Where does the 0.29 come from?  Be specific please.  
            Which of the variables were involved in giving us the 0.29?
                  a = --- d     What were the specific values
                       c             for the variables that
                                     resulted in 0.29?
            Sketch out a picture of the situation to show where
            you found those two values on the NetLOGO screen
            snapshot.  Circle the two numbers.
         4. What is 54.45?  Which variable from the Monte Carlo formula
                            is 54.45?
                                 a or b or c or d?
                            What were the values for the other 3 variables
                            that resulted in 54.45 being calculated?
                            Note:  One of the above four is the 54.45.

  5. To make up the Monte Carlo Problem #2 points and divide the number you missed by 2, do the following:

    You can do the above stuff for Monte Carlo Problem #1, if you did fine on Problem #1 but got points taken off for Problem #2.

    If you did badly on BOTH Monte Carlo problems, I will give you something additional to do for Monte Carlo Problem #2. For now, do the task for Monte Carlo Problem #1.

    Note: If you missed TEN points or less on both MONTE CARLO problems, say you missed for example -4 on one and -6 on the other, the above is enough to do to get the entire Monte Carlo changed to -2 and -3.

    Where is WALDO Turtle Trig Problem #3 and Problem #4

  6. Following here is the extra credit for problems #3 and #4. Doubling your score on WHERE IS WALDO (SOH, CAH, and TOA and turtle trigonometry.

    SINE                 Opposite side is a LEG   Adjacent side is a LEG
    TANGENT              What is the other side beside the TWO LEGS?
                         HYPOTENUSE is the side opposite the 90 degree, RIGHT angle!
    Tri, tri, and tri again to understand TRIangles, get triangles RIGHT!
  7. Feb19th2015_Sine_Cosine is a PDF from February 19th, 2015.
     a.  Write out the entire PDF page, including the 3 questions, including the
         NetLOGO code (tryTrig and showRightTriangle), including all the questions
         and commentary and explanations on that page.
     b.  When you get to any of the questions in the commentary, answer each
         one of those questions.
                How far does the turtls need to go?
                What is the given?
                What is the goal?
                How much does the turtle need to turn to get ready to draw
                    to draw the horizontal leg of the triangle?
                What formulas do you know?
                What facts do you know?
                What do you know?
                What is your goal?
       ***** Answer and develop an answer to each and every one of the
             questions that occur in the commentary.  Draw pictures.
             Explain and make clear, do NOT just put in a one word or
             a one number answer. ******
  8. The TEN QUESTIONS homework done earlier this semester.

    Draw a picture of the NetLOGO output, i.e. of the 9 turtles, one of which is shaped like an airplane and another shaped like a star.

    Write out the scanned in notes pages for the solution to the TEN QUESTIONS homework: 1025AirplaneStar.pdf... Airplane and Star solution notes (Pages AAA to GGG).

    Note that your notes must take up 7 pages, so it is easiest to use one side of a sheet of paper for page AAA, one side for page BBB, etc. Write so it is large enough to fill the page with lots of white space.

    SHODOR Data Flyer tool - slope and intercept and sum of squares of deviations
    Problem #5, #6 and #7

  9. Extra Credit: DATA FLYER by SHODOR - Extra Credit - do all 5 of these former homework or test problems.
    Also, find the best fitting equation and sum of squares for the Maya data points from an animation. mayaFrames.txt is the name of that file. You can COPY and PASTE the data into the SHODOR Data Flyer.
      y = mx + b     best fitting equation for a LINE for a set of points.
                     Being able to PREDICT y from x.
                     m is the slope                  Think skiing, steep slopes,  
                                                           beginner slopes...
                     b is the intercept              Think football, 
                                                           interceptions, intercept.