Assignment #2 - Spring 2017 - CS 1025
Computional Modeling and Simulation
aka Modern Tools for Exploring Data

Submit by email to: - Subject line: Monty Hall
Due date: Anytime Friday, January 20th, 2017 or before.

  1. What the Monty Hall Game interface looks like (after 5 very lucky game simulations tonight (01/25/2013).
  2. Monty Hall Game Assignment questions and links to Khan Academy 5 minute video segment.
    Due on 01/20/2017 or before by email to and be sure to make SUBJECT: MONTY HALL

    Due on Friday January 20th means anytime that day... So I can still help you during or after class anytime on Friday and you can email it that afternoon or evening.

  3. Link to SHODOR Monty Hall Game exercise for doing the experiment and simulating being a contestant on the show.
  4. Any questions/problems/feedback you have about the assignment can be emailed to me, or if you need an appointment: is the address. Feel free to use my first name in the note too! And ALWAYS sign your email notes with your first name, please. This assignment is likely simple enough that I do NOT need to create a video demonstration for it. But check this page again. If anyone discovers a difficulty or confusion, I generally add further explanations, clarifications and/or examples to the assignment page.
  5. You can submit the assignment results via email as an attachment or directly as an email message. You may word process it or scan in a hand-written pen/pencil solution. You certainly are welcome to use Photoshop or Paint or any other software, if you wish.