810:025 Computational Modeling and Simulation
It is worth noting that NetLogo is noteworthy
Turtles can be Traned to play music

  1. Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star played by the talented trumpet playing NetLogo turtles.

  2. Happy Birthday song as an instrumental piece. Making music with NetLogo turtle graphics software.

  3. Bach's Prelude in C and other experiments, including chords: www.cs.uni.edu/~jacobson/025/logo/BachPreludeInC.txt, not quite completed. Turtles need to memorize and transcribe measures 26 through 35 yet! :-)

  4. Try this out - NetLOGO Sounds and Sights show with Square Dancing Turtles and many musical instruments.
       set theNotes [60 62 64 65 67 69 71 72 71 69 67 65 64 62 60]
       set theInstruments [ "Sitar" "Trombone" "Trumpet" "Harmonica" 
                            "Tubular Bells" "Honky-tonk Piano" 
                            "Marimba" "Flute" ]

NetLogo is FREE for educational use, and very easy to install.

Now hear this: It comes with the following musical example models.

  1. Beatbox NetLogo model.
  2. Composing with Composer.
  3. Musical Phrase Example plays Beethoven's 5th famous 4 note phrase, plus a few more. Actually 8 notes, but not all 8 are 8th notes. :-) 6 8th notes and 2 half notes. Does anyone have change for a 20?
  4. NetLogo Code for the Musical Phrase Example.
  5. Percussion Workbench model.
  6. NetLogo Sound Workbench model.

Computational Modeling and Simulation

810:025 Section 01 - 11 TTh Spring 2010

Outline: Topics, LAC credit, software packages, and examples...