CS 1025 01 - Class #1 review
January 12, 2012 blizzard day :-)

  1. Look at the Forest Fire model in the Earth Science portion of the NetLogo Models Library. Read about it first, then click RUN FIRE IN YOUR BROWSER to try it out.

  2. Music and NetLogo: Happy Birthday - 60 is C, 62 is D, ..., 72 is C and 60 + 12 = 72.

  3. Playing with NetLogo turtle graphics - handout from Wednesday, August 24th class. Try out the links too!

    VIDEO review: One of the links is this Netlogo basics video tutorial created in fall of 2010. Watch it. Take some notes on it. Its only 12 minutes long.

          Netlogo shown today:
                   Create 16 turtles       Move forward 6 turtle steps
                   -----------------       ---------------------------
                      cro 16                          fd 6
                   Put your pen down       Lift your pen (or turtle tail) up
                   -----------------       ---------------------------------
                         pd                           pu
                   Turn right 90 degrees        Clear all (erase everything)
                   ---------------------        ----------------------------
                          rt 90                            ca
                   Draw a square (if your Pen is Down - PD you will see square)
                        repeat 4 [ fd 3 rt 90 ]
                                        The above square has a side length of 3
                   Draw a cool pattern of 36 spiralling squares (if PD pen down)
                      repeat 36 [  rt 10  repeat 4 [ fd 3 rt 90 ]  ]
                      What is 36 times 10?  360 degrees.
                                            So you will have a complete
                                               round the world circle of
                   Observer mode commands:   ca, cro,
                    Turtles mode commands:   fd, rt, pd, pu
                    Note:  repeat is used in either mode, depending on what
                           you need to do.
                      repeat howManyTimes [ what you want to do ]
                      What would the following repeat create, if we assume the
                      pens of the turtles were down (PD or pd) so we could see
                      the trail left by the turtle tails (or pens, aka pens)?
                             repeat 8 [ fd 3 rt 45 ]  <----  draws what????
                             repeat 4 [ fd 3 rt 90 ]   <---- draws a square

  4. Link to download and install NetLogo on your computer (PC or MAC). It is FREE!

    Netlogo is also available at most of the computer labs on the UNI campus, including all CNS labs and all of the SCC (Student Computer Center) labs like the Library, Union, Redeker, Towers, Lawther, etc.

  5. We will look at the NetLogo Flocking of Birds example at the 2nd class on January 19th.

  6. Check out this NetLogo example of airplanes flying and fish swimming. How is NetLogo able to do CIRCLES??? Be sure to try out the SLIDERS and all 3 BUTTONS.

    Even and Odd turtles become Fish and Airplanes. Also, see all of the default shapes for turtles. FlyFishing.html NetLogo example to play with.

CS 1025 - week #2 (January 19th) and week #3 (January 26th) preview

  1. Predator/Prey model and NetLogo basics - Panthers versus Jackrabbits or Lynx versus Hare.

  2. Flash ActionScript and the bouncing ball. Gravity to be simulated using Adobe Flash. A very simple model will be created.

  3. GasLab Maxwells Demon Netlogo Chemistry/Physics model assignment will be discussed briefly so you know how to approach it using NetLogo.

  4. Introduce the Monty Hall simulation exercise. MONTY HALL game Playing the Monty Hall game with a model. Your simulation experiement will try to figure out which strategy is best - sticking with your first choice or switching to the other door.

    More examples/explanations Music and NetLogo...

  5. Flocking of birds example: Watch the movie and then play with item #5, the NetLogo model published to the web.

  6. Another forest FIRE model available from SHODOR.

  7. Shodor Data Flyer tool used to Plot Data. We will plot some Forest Fire simulation output again during the first week of class. This tool is much simpler to use than SPSS and Excel!