CS 1025 01 - Class #2 review
January 19, 2012

  1. Introduce the Monty Hall simulation exercise. MONTY HALL game Playing the Monty Hall game with a model. Your simulation experiement will try to figure out which strategy is best - sticking with your first choice or switching to the other door.

  2. Flocking of birds example: Watch the movie and then play with item #5, the NetLogo model published to the web.

    NetLogo Flocking of Birds model.

  3. CIRCLES: NetLogo example of airplanes flying and fish swimming. How is NetLogo able to do CIRCLES??? Be sure to try out the SLIDERS and all 3 BUTTONS.

  4. Flash ActionScript and the bouncing ball. Gravity to be simulated using Adobe Flash. A very simple model will be created.

  5. GasLab Maxwells Demon Netlogo Chemistry/Physics model assignment will be discussed, if needed.

  6. Another forest FIRE model available from SHODOR.

  7. Plotting the best fitting line for some Forest Fire output.

  8. More examples/explanations Music and NetLogo...

Assignment two: Predator/Prey model and NetLogo basics - Panthers versus Jackrabbits or Lynx versus Hare. Due on Thursday, February 9th - (accepted on Friday, February 10th with no penalty if you are in class on Thursday).

Due February 2nd (or Friday the 3rd)- Assignment two too: Ventana Vensim Six questions on Vensim Tutorial reading and 7 questions on Andrew Ford Modeling the Environment book preface = 13 questions.