CS 1025 01 - Week #12 November 7th thru 11th

Monday, November 7th - choose eve

  1. CS 2880 11: Topics in Computing: Maya 3D Graphics and Animation. Why take it?

  2. Assignment: VENSIMAssign11_11_2016.pdf - VENSIM Population model is due on FRIDAY 11/11/2016.

  3. Assignment: VENSIM - System Dynamics Modeling with VENSIM.
    Unconstrained Population Growth was introduced that has a source Rate (Births) and a Rate going to a sink (Deaths).
    Send the email attachments to:  jacobson@cs.uni.edu
                 TO:  jacobson@cs.uni.edu
            SUBJECT:  VENSIM Assign
       What to attach in the email message:   1. The Word document with the
                                                   GRAPH of births, deaths,
                                                   and population.
                                              2. The Vensim model file,
                                                   which will have an
                                                   extension of .MDL.
  4. See Week #10 under Wednesday, October 26th for the TEST #1 Extra Credit Points.

    See Week #10 under Monday, October 24th if you want to see the pages from the test again. Questions 1, 2, 3, and 4 are ready now.
    Questions 1 and 2 are Monte Carlo.
    Questions 3 and 4 are Where's Waldo.
    LOOK UNDER WEDNESDAY OCT 26th, not under Monday OCT 24th!!!

Wednesday, November 9th

  1. Taking two pills: ASPIRIN Vensim model was done in class today. You received this as a handout on 11/09/2016.

    Study this model. Was it helpful to draw it out first and then write down the equations BEFORE you created the model in VENSIM?

        The natural LOG function LN was used.
        VENSIM has quite a few FUNCTIONS available.
  2. Predator/Prey model: ASPIRIN Vensim model was done in class today.

Friday, 11/11/2016

  1. The 3 D's of the waggle dancing bees. CHOOSE and Mr. Staypuft. Direction, Desirability and Distance.