CS 1025 01 - Week #12 April 03 thru 07

Monday, April 3rd

  1. Test #1: Extra credit tasks for those who had a very low score on test #1.

    1. Due on the last day of classes this spring semester. Friday, April 28th.
      Changed to Friday, May 5th - the last day of final's week...

    2. Must be hand-written using pen and/or pencil and/or colors.

    3. Must be carefully and neatly written to ensure you are thinking about the concepts as you express them on paper.

      Extra Credit: Monday April 03 to Friday May 05...

    4. Has to be hand-written, pen or pencil, and neatly, carefully written.

    5. Test One Scores: 50 points possible - scores ranged from OK (0 points wrong) to -39 (39 points missed).

    6. Excel spreadsheet: Test One Scores and your secret 3 letter code. What percentage on test #1?
      Is your percentage below 60 percent? Probably a good idea to do EXTRA CREDIT to improve your TEST ONE SCORE and learn the material.

  2. Ventana VENSIM - System Dynamics Modeling with VENSIM.
    Unconstrained Population Growth was introduced.

  3. ASSIGNMENT: Andrew Ford Modeling the Environment Preface 7 questions are due on Friday, April 7th.

  4. ASSIGNMENT: VENSIM 10 questions due on Friday, April 7th: vensimNov2nd2016 - 10 questions - to gain some familiarity with VENSIM tool.

  5. Answer the following SIX Roman Numeral questions using this link: Vensim PLE Tutorial 1 on Systems Dynamics Tools.

    For i, ii, iii, iv, v and vi -------- Vensim Tutorial 1.pdf ...

  6. Test on Friday, April 14th will NOT OCCUR.

Wednesday, April 5th

  1. Read the following for background on Ghostbusters movie. ghost.txt - lots of notes on Dr. Peter Venkman, Dr. Raymond Stantz and Dr. Egon Spengler.

  2. Read the material on waggle dancing bees and Ghostbusters problem solving lessons.
    What are the 3 D's of the waggle dancing bees?

  3. Handout #1 from today's class: POLYA - HOW WE THINK diagram - The Coming of the Idea - 9 part diagram.
    There are 3 R's - not Reading,  wRiting,  aRithmetic, 
                      but Recognize, Regroup,  Remember.
    What is your MO?  Not modus operandi, but Mobilization Organization...
    What is it to say I C, as in I see?  IC = Isolation Combination
    What is left in the diagram?  Supplement and Prevision are 8th and 9th.
    Choose which Ghostbuster would be most associated with each of these
    nine concepts or aspects of thinking and problem solving?
    Using initial PV, RS, and ES is okay, or write Pete, Ray or Egon by
    each after you have redrawn the diagram using pen or pencil.  
    We did this as part of a class exercise.
  4. Handout #2 from today's class: From STEM to STEAM - Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics...

  5. Handout #3 from today's class: Stages of the Modeling Process.

    Note that this class used to be named Computational Modeling and Simulation.

    1. Venkman represents:
              1. Analyze the problem. (Understand it. Focus on WHAT it is)
    2. Stantz represents
              2. Formulate a model. (Plan it - develop a PLAN for HOW tosolve it)
    3. Spengler represents
              3. Solve the model. (Code it. Get it into NetLOGO or VENSIM or After Effects or Python or Photoshop)


    Attendance and citizenship will be worth 5 points for each of the last 10 classes this semester, for a total of 50 points possible.

    I catch you with a cell phone or mobile device, you lose 25 of those 50 possible points.

                    TODAY WAS THE LAST DAY that will happen this semester!!!!
                    Or PAY a BIG PENALTY. It is a classroom RULE and POLICY that is too often ignored.

                    I have said that over and over and over again!
                    GOT IT?             NO   C E L L   P H O N E S ...             NO   M O B I L E   D E V I C E S ...

  7. Read the following two paragraphs written by Wilhelm K Rontgen for a speech he gave in 1894, one year before he invented/developed/discovered the XRay, which advanced medicine and science into phenomenal new possibilities.

    Two inspiring paragraphs written by WKR for an 1894 acceptance speech.

    Seven sentences in the first paragraph:
        1. The university is a nursery of ..., a place for ...
        2. Her significance as such is ...
        3. For every genuine ..., who takes ..., fundamentally follows ... and is ...
        4. Teachers and students of the university should ...
        5. Pride in ..., but not ..., ..., or ..., all of which grow from ...
        6. One should feel strongly of belonging ..., which gives ... but also requires ...
        7. All our ambitions should be ... --- only then ..., only then ..., and only then ...

Friday, April 7th

  1. Assignment due in class on Monday: Watch #5, #6, #7, #8, and #9 Ghostbusters scenes.
    Write one paragraph about each of the scenes.
    You can quote from the scene.  Then react the the quote or tell why you like the quote.
    You can describe the setting of the scene as you wish.
    You can tell what you liked about the scene.  Or what you get out of it
    from waggle.txt or ghost.txt.
    Your 5 paragraphs should be a rewrting of your initial ideas and notes,
    not the very first draft.  It should be readable enough that the
    other students at your table can read it!

  2. Assignment due NEXT FRIDAY: VENSIM - System Dynamics Modeling with VENSIM.
    Unconstrained Population Growth was introduced on Monday. It had a source Rate (Births) and a Rate going to a sink (Deaths).
    Send the email attachments to:  jacobson@cs.uni.edu    ---- DUE on Wednesday, April 12th...
                 TO:  jacobson@cs.uni.edu
            SUBJECT:  VENSIM Population Model Assign
       What to attach in the email message:   1. The Word document with the
                                                   GRAPH of births, deaths,
                                                   and population.
                                              2. The Vensim model file,
                                                   which will have an
                                                   extension of .MDL.

  3. VENSIM questions are due today. See Monday, April 3rd and handout.

  4. Polya readings and excerpts. The nine part diagram of How We Think explained is some detail. Of Mice and Men. The trapped mouse, the landlady gone to fetch the cat, the mouse as problem solver.