CS 1025 01 - Week #13 November 14th thru 18th

Monday, November 14th

  1. CS 2880 11: Topics in Computing: Maya 3D Graphics and Animation. Why take it?

  2. See Week #10 under Wednesday, October 26th for the TEST #1 Extra Credit Points.

    See Week #10 under Monday, October 24th if you want to see the pages from the test again. Questions 1, 2, 3, and 4 are ready now.
    Questions 1 and 2 are Monte Carlo.
    Questions 3 and 4 are Where's Waldo.
    LOOK UNDER WEDNESDAY OCT 26th, not under Monday OCT 24th!!!

  3. MAYA ASSIGNMENT (23 questions): MayaAssignment111416.pdf due on Friday 11/18/2016 - Maya basics; Sun, Earth and Moon; Modeling a wineglass.

Wednesday, November 16th

  1. Predator/Prey model: System Dynamics model approach to predator and prey relationships.

Friday, 11/18/2016