CS 1025 01 - Week #13 April 10th thru 14th

Monday, April 10th

  1. Assignment due in class today: Watch #5, #6, #7, #8, and #9 - all Ghostbuster's scenes on YouTube.
    Write one paragraph about each of the scenes.
    You can quote from the scene.  Then react the the quote or tell why you like the quote.
    You can describe the setting of the scene as you wish.
    You can tell what you liked about the scene.  Or what you get out of it
                                                     from waggle.txt and/or 
    Your 5 paragraphs should be a rewrting of your initial ideas and notes,
          not the very first draft.  It should be readable enough that 
                the other students at your table can read it!
  2. Assignment: VENSIMAssign11_11_2016.pdf - VENSIM Population model is due on MONDAY 04/17/2017.

  3. Assignment: VENSIM - System Dynamics Modeling with VENSIM.
    Unconstrained Population Growth was introduced that has a source Rate (Births) and a Rate going to a sink (Deaths).
    Send the email attachments to:  jacobson@cs.uni.edu                DUE on MONDAY 04/17/2017
                 TO:  jacobson@cs.uni.edu
            SUBJECT:  VENSIM Assign
       What to attach in the email message:   1. The Word document with the
                                                   GRAPH of births, deaths,
                                                   and population.
                                              2. The Vensim model file,
                                                   which will have an
                                                   extension of .MDL.
  4. Taking two pills: ASPIRIN Vensim model will be done in class today?

    Study this model. Was it helpful to draw it out first and then write down the equations BEFORE you created the model in VENSIM?

        The natural LOG function LN was used.
        VENSIM has quite a few FUNCTIONS available.

Wednesday, April 12th

  1. Predator/Prey model: Predator/Prey modeling in Vensim ...

Friday, 04/14/2017

  1. The 3 D's of the waggle dancing bees. CHOOSE and Mr. Staypuft. Direction, Desirability and Distance.

  2. The equations for the Ventana VENSIM assignment are right there in the Andrew Ford readings. We did Vensim pages 1 thru 4 1/2 in clsss this week.

    See and utilize all the Monday Ventana VENSIM links!

  3. VENSIM Model of Constrained Population Growth: ConstrainedGrowthPopulation.mdl ...

    Download the models by RMB Right Mouse Button clicking on the link. Then start VENSIM and open up the .mdl model file you downloaded.

  4. VENSIM Model of doubling the number of sheets of paper 50 times to illustrate exponential growth: Doubling50Times.mdl is a VENSIM model.

    NOTE: You can look at some of the equations if you LMB Left Mouse Button click the link to the .mdl Vensim Model file.