CS 1025 01 - Week #14 (Apr 22, 24, 26)
Test Two on Friday

Monday, April 22nd - Earth Day

  1. Discussion and group exercise: Assignment (reading) due on Monday, April 22nd at 8 a.m.

  2. Group 1, Group 2, Group 3 - each group consisted of four students.
    Any study which throws light upon the nature of "order" or "pattern"
    in the universe is surely nontrivial.  
                             --Gregoy Bateson, Steps to an Ecology  of Mind
    What is self-organization?
       "Orderly flock patterns arise from these simple, local interactions."
       Are the birds playing follow the leader?
       Or are bird flocks "leaderless and self-organized"?
       Centralized authority doesn't rule.
       Decentralized components have local interactions and complex patterns
              and behavior emerges.
       What is the "centralized mindset"?
  3. The 1984 Super Bowl commercial and Decentralization in Technologies section of Turtles, Termites and Traffic Jams (See page 11 of textbook).
      "Computer technologies have not always been viewed 
       as a decentralizing force.  Just 30 years ago, 
       computers were synonymous with centralizaed power."

    Background on IBM versus Apple in the 1984 commercial.

  4. The waggle dancing bees convey the 3 d's with their dance. Problem solving and bees. How could this be modeled using NetLogo? Ghostbusters and the 3D's of Bees and problem solving/modeling.

Wednesday, April 24th

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Friday, April 26th

  1. TEST TWO today on 04/26/2013.