CS 1025 01 - Week #15 December 5th thru December 9th

Monday, December 5th

  1. Tuesday at 8 pm Ghostbusters 2016 movie is showing in the Presidential Room of Maucker Union.

  2. In-class assignment: Preparation for group presentation - developing resources for Ghostbusters, Coaching the Artist, PW, DWW, Polya, problem solving, from STEM to STEAM and VET SAT AUC TVV SO YMDC final exam presentations.

    1. Talent is Overrated ... Imaginary Roadblocks???

    2. The Marshmallow Test ... Mr. Staypuft???

    3. The Talent Code ... Michael Jordan and Michelangelo.
      Bill Murray in What About Bob: Baby Steps.

    4. A Mind for Numbers ... Explain Like I'm 5 - What is the surprise?

    5. Mindset ... Jordan again. Equation YofP + T + T = ??? #23 has four sides.

  3. Assignment for Wednesday - followup to Monday group work on your chosen 6 page PN reading.
    Bring one to two pages of hand-written notes about your 
               6 page Philsophers Notes book review/outline.
    Ideas and suggestions for what to write about 
          and develop in your 1 to 2 pages of notes:
       Relate it to anything about the class that we have discussed.
       Relate it to the other PN notes that you heard about and gave
          feedback on in class on Monday 12/5.  You can reread and look
          at some of those by clicking the links above.
       Look at the 7 questions #5 and #6 again 
          and redo your Monday developed writings
          on a higher level with more depth after having read 
          and taken notes on the entire 6 page document.
       Suggest and be able to discuss without looking at your notes
          the key idea or quote that connects to problem solving
          and Ghostbusters, negative reinforcement, STEM to STEAM,
          phases of building a model or steps of the problem solving
       Athletics, Art, Music, Hobbies, Movies, Academics, Communication,
          Citizenship, Fitness connections you can make to the material.
       Anything you have learned and enjoyed or been moved by from one
          of your other UNI classes this fall semester, your first semester
          at UNI.  An LAC class or a class in your major or some school
          activity you are involved in.  Connect to the material in
          your reading.  Follow it where it leads you.

    See for #5 and #6: In-class assignment: Preparation for group presentation - has extensive suggestions on Brain Storming and FEEDBACK.

  4. Some of the handouts from today came from 05052016final May 5th, 2016 Final Exam Guide.

Wednesday, December 7th

  1. Creating a Flock of Birds: After Effects and NetLOGO modeling a bird, then creating a flock of birds. DUE TODAY... Assigned one week ago.

  2. Shiflet: Three Steps of the Modeling Process: Venkman, Stantz, Spengler. DUE TODAY... Assigned one week ago.

  3. Assignment due on FRIDAY at the start of class: Followup assignment to today's class.

Friday, December 9th

  1. VIP: Assignment due at the start of class: Followup to Wednesday class ...
    ... preparation for contributing to final exam presentations work at each table.

  2. Resources from final exam group presentation work from past semesters:

    1. Spring 2016 Final Exam web page - 05/05/2016.

    2. Fall 2015 Final Exam web page - 12/19/2015.

Final Exam times are
Monday December 12th at 8-9:50 am for the 8 MWF class and at
1-2:50 pm for the 12 MWF class.

12/12/2016 at 8 am or at 1 pm