CS 1025 01 - Week #15 April 24th thru 28th

Monday, April 24th

  1. The SUPER SIX readings - you each took ONE of these one week ago today.

    1. A Mind For Numbers
    2. Talent is Overrated
    3. The Mind Gym
    4. The Talent Code
    5. Mindset
    6. The Marshmallow Test

  2. The groups emails on each of the original six readings: Note: Half done so far...

    See the Coaching the Artist Within handout/web page PDF gain...
       1. Notice         Note this three step procedure - note this - notice...
       2. Dispute
       3. Substitute
  3. Polya, Problem Solving and Mice and Men - The mouse "solved a great problem, and gave a great example" according to Polya. Ghostbuster's parallel????
    Does a problem have you trapped? Remember this lesson!
    Why did Polya "silently congratulate the mouse" and what in your own words does "the great example" mean to you???

  4. Our final exam is on May 1st - 1-2:50 pm. The FIVE handouts and more.

    See the List Item LI #9: Figure 8.1 diagram and explanation. P and G and Comparator.
    Director Systems. Skemp. What is the eye?

    You have these as handouts! Present State to Goal State and slimers and eyes, nouns and verbs.

Wednesday, April 26th

  1. Ghostbusters, Pretty Woman, Dances With Wolves and Much Ado About Nothing... STUDY THIS!!!!!

    Includes links to Club Can't Handle Me by Flo Rida and to two shopping scenes that Vivian experiences and to Roxette's It Must Have Been Love.

  2. Reread your first handout of the SUPER SIX. Find something new and original to say about it!

  3. Resources from Fall 2015 take home final exam assignment.

Friday, 04/28/2017

  1. The take home final exam task is due at 1 pm and will be collected at the very beginning of the 1-2:50 pm exam period on Monday May 1st.

    Final Exam take home assignment...

    Final Exam full page of resources.
    Roxette, Shakespeare, Pretty Woman, Dances With Wolves, waggle dancing bees, Twinkies, ghost.txt, Ectocontainment System, Mr. Staypuft, Club Can't Handle Me by Flo Rida, etc.

  2. Predator/Prey: How the wolves transformed Yellowstone National Park.

  3. Whales and tropic cascades. Another predator/prey story.