CS 1025 01 - Week #14 (Apr 19-21)

Tuesday, April 19th

  1. Stat Rap - any ideas for a CS 1025 Modern Tools for Exploring Data Rap?
    sometimes two variables in the ranges     f(x) = mx + b or y = mx + b
    one can predict how the other changes
    if you got this distinct impression          *** Starts at 2:57 in video ... 
    you're in need of some linear regression     DATA FLYER TOOL
    To minimize error in your prognostication
    calculate the least squares equation         The sum of the squares
    This can be accomplished with ?????
    or you can just uses some matrices
    Beta nought is where you cross the y                B        B     Beta nought is b, the intercept...
    beta one is the slope of the line                    0        1    Beta one is m, the slope. 
                                                     --------- -------
                                                     intercept  slope    
                                                 *** Finishes at 3:24 in video ... 
    Transcribed Stat Rap Lyrics ...

  2. Teaching Children Coding... NetLOGO, Scratch, Vensim...

    Mitch Resnick's TED Talk on Scratch, Mother's Day and teaching children how to use scratch (from STEM to STEAM). Learning to code and coding to learn. Game programming and keeping score.

  3. What the model we did today looked like: 100 bacteria growing at the rate of 0.10 or 10 percent per hour. Today's in class example started with 100 but it represented 100,000 people and the growth rate was 0.07 or 7 percent per year.

  4. Ventana VENSIM: Building a Simple Vensim Model video tutorial.
    Assignment: Watch this video before Thursday's class.
         0:00 - Introduction, new model, adding stocks and flows
         1:48 - Defining equations
         5:39 - Running the model & seeing output
         7:36 - Placing a graph on the screen and running live with Synthesim
        11:07 - Managing datasets
        12:29 - Refining the model with auxiliary variables & information arrows
        15:48 - Defining new equations
        18:53 - Units check & run
        20:24 - Causal Tracing
        22:06 - Conclusion & background

  5. VENSIM resources and old assignment page from Spring 2014 (two years ago).

  6. Scratch examples and links and snapshots...

  7. SCRATCH: Scratch.MIT.edu - we had Scratchy, the Cat, draw a 24 sided polygon.
    Compare what we did today to NetLOGO:
     1. NetLOGO would only need one turtle to do this.
     2. Or NetLOGO could use 40 turtles to do the same thing 
        that Scratchy did, but simultaneously drawing the
        40 different circles.  Choreography!
     3. rt 15 in NetLOGO is the same as turn 15 degrees in Scratch.
     4. move 10 steps in Scratch is the same as fd 10 in NetLogo.
     5. repeat 40 in Scratch is the same as:
        repeat 40          in NetLOGO
             statements to be repeated, between [ ] characters...
  8. Here is the NetLOGO code that we did.
    24 sided polygon looks like a circle. 24 times 15 = 12 times 30 = 6 times 60 = 360 degrees.


Thursday, April 21st

  1. SCRATCH information and online tutorial Getting Started With Scratch list of steps (Step Index) to sound, dancing, changing color, moving.

  2. Comparing Scratch Polygons to NetLOGO Polygons.
    Triangle, Square, Pentagon.

  3. CS1025TestScoresSpr16.pdf test one and test two scores.

  4. ...