Spring 2013 Maya projects
Note: (*****) means I have not yet Rendered and Published the scene file. (*****)

  1. Tyler is done. Batman adventure, oops, its the story of "The Batball".

  2. Kelly is done. Inspired by the Luxo Lamp!

  3. Chelsea is done. Rush in through the door, jump on the couch, move to the computer and get slimed.

  4. Geneva is done.

  5. Brianna is done.

  6. Leslie is done.

  7. Tyler G is done.

  8. Zach is done. ... and the field goal was autoschmatic!

    Camera moves for close up version. Note the purple football.

  9. Taylor is done. Beautiful kitchen with lots of cupboard space.

  10. Alexander is done. This ball knows some tricks and has some talent.

  11. Neal is done. Green Ghostbuster's slimer in NYC?

  12. Cecily is done. When you arrive, turn on your light. When you need to leave, turn it off.

  13. Mackenzie J is done. Strawberry Point tourism board would like this!

  14. Mackenzi B is done. Squashing and stretching, dancing around the stage, knocking out a tune, then knocking over the microphone.

  15. Maria is done. Three dancer choreography. Mirrors recalls Bruce Lee's Enter The Dragon movie.

  16. Dan is done. Baby bird versus Dinosaur.

  17. Bridgette is done.

  18. Mayank is done.

  19. Nelson is done.

  20. Bronson is done.

  21. ... A L ????