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Microcomputer Applications and Systems Integration - Sep 28th till Oct 28th - Fall 2010
2nd FIVE WEEKS - September/October - FALL 2010

810:022 August/September - FIRST FIVE WEEKS web page

Week 6   09/28   09/30    

First 5 weeks: firstFive.html

VIP: Flash intros assignments from Fall 2009: Study and enjoy these examples.

Fade in/Face out Flash intros with a SKIP button assignment.
Flash Intros: Review of Tuesday, 09/28 class (Flash, Dreamweaver and ActionScript 3.0).

810:022 MASI Syllabus - Fall 2010
StudioIT 2 (ITT 134 lab) Flash and Dreamweaver



SSH: Uploading your work to using SSH Secure Shell.

DW: Uploading using Dreamweaver.

Week 7   10/05   10/07    
VIP: Excel VBA Functions Sept 14th in-class Exercise followup #1. Handed out on Sep 16th.
Excel VBA 09/14 Function followup #2. These are the solutions.

  1. Excel VBA #1 functions. Write them right.

  2. Excel VBA #2 functions. WRITE them RIGHT.
  3. ...

VIP: Exam One on OCTOBER 14th, 9 days from today.

Review of Motion Tweens/Cross Dissolve class: Flash Intros video tutorial and study guide.


StudioIT 2 (ITT 134 lab) Flash and Dreamweaver

Now MOSTLY READY: Study guide for Exam #1
Previous note: About Exam #1 guide


Week 8   10/12   10/14    
See all of the Student Projects - Flash Intros

Video tutorial part 2: Flash Intros - button, ActionScript 3.0, navigateToURL

Flash intros web page assignment is due. Send URL to and do NOT send to

Test 1 in ITT 28 classroom.

No lab class today!


Week 9   10/19   10/21    


Flash Video Captioning Assignment and links.

Assignment Flash Captioned Video.pdf is due by Wednesday, Oct 27th at 10 pm. with the URL.

Use Notepad or use Dreamweaver to modify the captions.xml file.

Step by step instructions for Flash video captioning assignment: updated for Fall 2010 and CS 4 and CS 5 Flash.

Lab class in StudioIT 1 or 2.

Practice files for lab - Rock, Paper, Scissors.

Example Flash Video Captioning we did in the 10/21/Thursday lab class. DW, FL, XML and sunny upload via ssh secure shell.


Publishing FLV Flash video as a Flash application up to sunny.

Week 10   10/26   10/28    
Cue Points are not needed: Study or use the other information here as needed. Ghostbuster's key scenes captioned. Also, WHAT versus HOW and FLVPLayback componenent. Test 1: Questions 1 to 6, pages 1-3 results.

See Flash Video projects here.

Due by 10 p.m.

Lab class in StudioIT 1 or 2.
Week 11 11/02   11/04    
... EXCEL VBA macros: Assignment free throw shooting simulation was introduced in class.

Some Dreamweaver and Photoshop concepts were also covered.

  How to create UpdateHistory macro for the Free Throws assignment. Review of Thursday's lab class, where we updated history of rolling dice counted the doubles.
Week 12 11/09   11/11    

Free Throws and Dice Rolls - doubling your VBA fun and learning.

  Free Throws Macro DUE
Send as attachent to

Adobe Photoshop, Flash and Dreamweaver exercise and assignment.

Week 13 11/16   11/18    
Advanced Excel VBA - Repeat Birthdays macro is one option for your final project. Requires Internet Explorer. Last assignment project is open ended. Most will be published up to sunny.   Last HW project is open ended, your choice.
Final project.
Week 14 11/30   12/02    
Dreamweaver: Image Maps using DW. One of handouts for Dreamweaver LESS THAN symbol job interview question. Good link on Intellisense and Intellihints too. The Dreamweaver job interview question is due. Send it by email or bring in a copy on Thursday. I prefer to also get a hard copy printout if you word process it, but handwritten pen or pencil written answer is certainly okay. That would be hand-written, legible, readable and not scribbled quickly! More background for Job Interview question.

Escape sequences and Dreamweaver. Every Disney character is an entity, well, Shrek and Kung Fu Panda also are character entities.

Review of 3rd to last class and links:

VIP: Biction, Ghostubusters, Expanded Lecture Notes assignment and clarification on the open ended last assignment.

You received these as email notes.

Week 15 12/07   12/09    
...   ...

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