Microsoft Excel 2007 Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) macros

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or VBA macros

Usually requires Internet Explorer (Microsoft IE) web browser: Excel 97, Excel 2003 VBA Macros tutorial - converted from PowerPoint.
Even though this is for Excel 2003 and earlier versions, the Visual Basic for Applications concepts and code are identical.

We created the birthday macro on Friday, September 4th during the computer lab class in StudioIT 3 ITT 138. The Cells(whatRow, whatColumn).Value approach was used to help you with the homework that is due on Friday, September 11th.
Cells(3, 4).Value = "UNI Panthers"          Cells(2, 10).Value = Cells(2, 10).Value * 4

     is identical in its result to                       is identical in effect to saying
Range("D3").Value = "UNI Panthers"          Range("J2").Value = Range("J2").Value * 4
                                                          and if cell J2, which is row 2 and column 10,
                                                          contained the value 12 to start with, after
                                                          the VBA statement multiplied it by 4, it
                                                          would then contain the value 48.


09/09/09 Class on Excel VBA macros (continued): Wednesday 09/09/09 Visual Basic for Applications macros - more on using Excel 2007 VBA and trying to get around in Office 2007 Excel, if you are stuck using the "new and improved" Microsoft product.