Ten Sided Dice tossing with Flash and ActionScript 3.0
Assignment #1 - 810:023
Saturday - January 24, 2010

Due date: Friday, February 5th by email of the URL to jacobson@cs.uni.edu anytime that day or the next day...

  1. Email note from 01/28/2010 double 21st anniversary day from Saturday 01/28/1989. Trouble right here in River City - talking about a pool hall. Trouble with a capital T!

  2. Video tutorial 1 - Ten sided dice: Dice, please showcase your faces. Solution to group exercise - (Flash and ActionScript) from the double wedding 21st anniversary day. This video tutorial is a PREREQUISITE for doing the Flash dice assignment, unless you have a great deal of Flash CS4 experience!

    See the extended 10 sided dice application: Show Faces button with Actionsript code - this is a review of the Thursday, January 28th class.

  3. Video tutorial 2 - Making the TEN SIDED DIE SYMBOL and creating two instances of it. - will include how to make the dieSymbol or the tenSidedDiceSymbol with its 21 frames or possibly only 12 frames. No matter what, it will have only 3 layers: Faces layer, Pips layer and actions layer.

  4. Ten sided dice have ten faces: More than 10 faces to choose from for the dieSymbol that you create. Created with Autodesk Maya and then Photoshop.

  5. The Dice tossing program that was discussed in class during week #2 and that was created in the lab on Thursday, January 21st. You can copy and paste this ActionScript code so you do not have to type it all. You will obviously need to adapt it for the ten sides dice set.

  6. Review of the Tuesday, 01/19 class lecture that introduced and demonstrated the Dice tossing Flash application. Taking notes from this old email note would be the best thing you could do in order to get started with learning Flash and with doing this project.

  7. Due date: Friday, February 5th. Send email to jacobson@cs.uni.edu with the URL. Copy and paste the URL and PLEASE include the http:// with the URL.

    You will publish your Flash application up to sunny.uni.edu and the URL will be http://www.uni.edu/yourUNIuserID/nameOfYourDiceFile.html. You will also have to upload the nameOfYourDiceFile.swf Flash movie file to sunny.uni.edu.

    Note: The URL could also be for your sunny.uni.edu assignment, if you want to have a separate folder for this assignment named DICE, for example:

    http://www.uni.edu/yourUNIuserID/DICE/nameOfYourDiceFile.html would be the URL when you uploaded the .html and the .swf files to a folder named DICE, which might be NICE.

  8. Review of how to do the Flash symbols and layers and instance names and actionscript. Coming here to this web page soon. More Flash practice and experience will be acquired on Tuesday 01/27 in StudioIT 1 ITT 134 lab class.