Racing Rectangles Assignment
Event.ENTER_FRAME approach compared to TimerEvent.TIMER approach

The 6th actor in the above drama is the startingBlocks_btn Button object.
    It has the caption: "Starting Blocks" on the above Flash application.
startingBlocks_btn.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, toTheStart);
function toTheStart(evt:MouseEvent):void
	rect1.x = 0;
	rect2.x = 0;

  1. Rectangle race example with four rectangles, including code that uses ActionScript 3.0 arrays and code to report the name or color of the winner.

  2. Macintosh software for uploading: Cyberduck in KAB computer lab is free for downloading to your laptop or desktop Mac.

  3. How to upload your .html and .swf files to by using Adobe Dreamweaver after opening up the .html file. Your assignment might be assign1.fla and when you publish it you have assign1.swf and assign1.html as the two files that need to be uploaded.

  4. Uploading using the SSH Secure Shell software and where to get the free SSH Secure Shell or the Cyberduck software for your PC or Mac.
    WE WILL USE SSH Secure Shell and use Dreamweaver to UPLOAD to 
            in the Lang 213 and StudioIT 3 computer labs.
          and    yourUNIuserID    and your 
       Window menu, 
                    New File Transfer in Current Directory command
                  AFTER you are logged in to your account.
       Now you can 
          upload the .swf and the .html files to your account from your PC.
       You will see the screen has two panels.
       On the left, that panel is named "Local Name".
       ----------                        ----------
       On the right side, the other panel is named "Remote Name".
   is the remote server, the REMOTE computer.
       Your laptop or your desktop PC or the Studio ITT III tablet PC you
            are using in the hands-on class is the LOCAL computer.
       Local Name                      Remote Name
       -------------                   --------------------------
       Your local PC                   Your account
       -------------                   --------------------------
       Left panel of                   Right panel of the
         the SSH Secure                  SSH Secure File Transfer
           Shell File                       window