Flash Sound and Animation projects - Spring 2010
810:023 - Microcomputer Systems

  1. Jenna is done. Jack Johnson songs: Better Together, Banana Pancakes, and Do You Remember.

  2. Eric is done. Flags and anthems of Spain, Switzerland, and USA.
  3. Trenton is done. Forest Gump, Dumb and Dumber, and King Pin movie dialogue.
  4. Tyler is done. South Park, Hankies, Towels, Mericans.
  5. Trent is done. Homer Simpson. You can't HANDLE the truth, from every day to half an hour a week.
  6. Jordan is done. Great coaching rants. Jim Mora, Herm Edwards, and Dennis Green.
  7. Colin is done. Good Morning, Vietnam; Uncle Buck; and Pulp Fiction.
  8. Christa is done. Sounds typically heard in 023 class in response to joke, news of a delayed due date, and introducing tough topics or skills.
  9. Scott is done. Sounds of whales, walruses, and penguins. The whale song is pretty soft, so crank up the volume.
  10. Pam is done. Spring and summer will soon be here. Hit the courts, the golf course, or the baseball diamonds!
  11. Chad is done. Jets, Spaceships and Camaros. What do they have in common?
  12. Megan is done. Music by Paramore, Deepfield and Pop Evil.
  13. Austin is done. Slow motion football, gloves, Jim Carrey.
  14. Donald is done. R & B music, Rap music, and Pop music.
  15. Kathleen is done. Lions roaring, dogs barking, and Woody Woodpecker making a statement too.
  16. Ashley is done. Water Chimes, Cricket sounds, and Waterfalls.
  17. Clarissa is done. Heartbeat, Fire Truck, Police Radio.
  18. Jared is done. Theriot, Lee and Fontenot: Go Cubs Go!!!
  19. Ryan is done. Roosters, Cats and Elephants. Lots of sounds in the animal kingdom.
  20. Darshak is done. Welcome to India themes - sports, sights, national days.
  21. Rashad is done. Phil Collins, juke box and speakers.
  22. Hussain is done. Family Guy characters and humor.

  23. Makki is done. From Michael Jackson's Smooth Criminal to Beyonce.

  24. Amer is done. Nissan, Ford, and Chevrolet sounds and sights.

  25. Fadhel is done. Inter Milan sounds.

  26. Baqer is done. 24, Prison Break and Lost.