Flash and Animated Symbols - 02/21/2010
810:023 Flash Sound project - audio, animation, and buttons.

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  1. Try out the application that the tutorial covers: Click the T R E A T button to hear the song and see the animation.
  2. The video tutorial covers everything you need to know about creating animated movie clip symbols and controlling them with actionscript.
  3. Alpha is the Color Effect that allows a symbol to be invisible with Alpha = 0% and fully visible or opaque with Alpha = 100%.
  4. Keyframes that are used in Classic Tweens to interpolate size changes, color changes, rotation changes, opacity changes, etc. must be made up of SYMBOLS. Therefore a SHAPE must be converted into a symbol before you can use that shape in a CLASSIC motion tween.
  5. The video is only 19 minutes and 40 seconds long. You will probably want to pause it and rewind it, especially if you are new to Flash.
  6. There is a very quick review of the four steps to creating a Flash application that plays sounds during this tutorial. Two variable declarations, then the load() connects those two variables, and finally the play() method is used to play the sound.
  7. How to create and customize buttons with the possibilities with the UP, OVER, DOWN and HIT states will be covered in class during week #7, if you need a review of that.
  8. Flash assignment two: How does this sound - Flash audio, buttons and animation basics?
  9. VIP: How to do Sound in Flash: the video tutorial that goes with this material and covers the four steps or four statements you will see in any Flash application that pulls in an external sound (MP3) file. The Sound var, the URLRequest var, the load() statement and the play() statement.