Sound and Animation combined in Flash

                           -------------------      -----
SoundMixer.stopAll();   // STOP ALL THE SOUNDS that might be playing!!!
                           -------------------      -----

Look under in left side of the Actions panel. > SoundMixer > Methods > stopAll();

SoundMixer.stopAll();   // Use at beginning of your function...
SoundMixer.stopAll();   // If the user clicks another button
                           or the same button, this statement
                           will prevent TWO or more sounds
                           from playing at the same time.


Free Sound Effects from AudioMicro. 2,022 Free Sound FX available.

  1. Wednesday, March 11th Flowers in an URN in-class example with 3 buttons connected to what you hear and what you see.

  2. An example with only ONE BUTTON and animated symbol (TRAIN) that fades in while twirling and fades out as it twirls again. Note the button OVER and DOWN states.

  3. April Fools Day class review: VIP email note on BUTTONS and the Layers and the animated graphic with Alpha going from 0% to 100% and back again to 0%. Alpha 0% is invisible, or is completely transparent. Alpha 100% us opaque and thus VISIBLE.

  1. Ice, Thunder/Lightning and Trains by Jorunn. Great visual effects variety.
  2. Football Sundays by Mat. Click all 3 buttons for battle of the network bands.

  3. Music selections by Michael. Plain White Ts, Habib Koit, and Bach... Includes a pause and resume button.
  4. Mario game by Hassan. Nice combining of graphics and sounds to imitate the real game.

  5. UNI, ISU, U of Iowa fight songs by Matt.

  6. Middle Eastern Musical Instruments by Mustafa. Includes my favorite, the Tabla.

  7. Movies and refreshments by Tyler. Planes, Trains & Automobiles, Dumb and Dumber, etc.

  8. Musical selections and flowers by Abdullah. ...PAGE GONE...

  9. Halloween Noises by Amy. Do trick-or-treat button first, or do it immediately after funny noises.
    Do NOT do it after scary noises. ...PAGE GONE...

  10. Farm animals Cows, Sheep and Pigs and their sounds by Megan. ...PAGE GONE...
  11. Animal Sounds by Hussain. ...PAGE GONE...

  12. Water, Air, Fire by Dave. ...PAGE GONE...

  13. ... who will be next?

This page will be like the Fall 2008 810:022 Microcomputer Applications and Systems Integration assignments page so you can see all of the student projects. Two of these projects were Flash and two of them were Adobe Fireworks projects. All four of them involved some amount of Dreamweaver.