How does this sound: Flash and audio
Microcomputer Systems - Flash assignment two

Due date: by Sunday February 28th, 2010 at 9 p.m.

  1. Video tutorial: Sound var, URLRequest var, load() and play() - 2 1/2 minute video tutorial review of Thursday 02/18/2010 StudioIT 1 lab class on Flash audio.

    Look at the Flash application created in the video: soundLesson.html with Tablas (tablas.mp3) and with navigateToURL statement used too.

  2. Video tutorial: ANIMATING MOVIE CLIP symbols using CLASSIC TWEENS between KEYFRAMES in Flash CS4.

  3. Freight Train sound and animation example. Notice the combination of animated graphics (it would be a movie clip symbol) and sound. The animated symbol was a JPG found out on the web and imported into Flash.

  4. Now Hear This! - Student Sound projects from Spring 2009 023 class, if they have not yet graduated from UNI. Some links are broken because student has graduated and their web site is gone.

    Look over these examples from Spring 2009 semester. There is a great variety of buttons, of sounds, and of animated graphics.

    There are SEVEN examples still available. Please look at each and every one of them.

  5. March 11th, 1989 tribute: Sounds good to me - a wedding in Washington D.C. suburb - Rockville, Maryland. This was my example created during class as a demonstration of how to do the assignment.

  6. Could we eventually learn enough to add sound effects to the dice rolling program? Make each die go slow enough to see it rolling, and even make it move about on the stage, while having some sound effects?

  7. Here are some sounds that I have found on the web and have used as example in class or lab or for my own practice:

    1. The website's /~jacobson/23/fla/sound folder has:
        Clarinet.mp3    WiseGuyHey.mp3         tabla.mp3           weatherReport.mp3
        Congas.mp3      simulplaying_WR.mp3    tablaDholak.mp3
    2. Another set of MP3 sound files to practice with:
      pandora:~/web/23/fla/sound/s>   ls *.mp3
        Jet_777_PassBy2.mp3     train_passby.mp3     train_passby3.mp3
        Jet_B52_Engines.mp3     train_passby2.mp3
    3. There are still more MP3 files here:
      pandora:~/web/23/fla/20th>   ls *.mp3
        04-yesterday.mp3    Jet_777_PassBy.mp3           WiseGuyHey.mp3
        Clarinet.mp3        Santana.mp3                  tabla.mp3
        Congas.mp3          Thunder_Rumble_11532A.mp3    tablaDholak.mp3
  8. Free sound FX from Audio.Micro:

  9. VIP: REVIEW of 02/18/2010 Thursday class: Read this old April 2009 email note and take notes from this note. Especially, if you missed class on Thursday, February 18th (StudioIT 1 lab class), study this and take notes and draw diagrams until you understand it. It is an excellent review of everything we did with sound and with creating an animated symbol. Understanding this is a emailFlashAudio.txt file is PREREQUISITE to doing the Flash sound assignment. Estimated time to study this: 1 hour if you were in class, 2 1/2 hours if you missed the Thursday class where we did all of this.

  10. The Flash audio assignment requires the following:
     1.  At least 3 buttons, not the built in ones provided with Flash but ones that you have created yourself.
     2.  Each button MouseEvent.CLICK invokes a function that plays the sound of your choosing.  This should be quite obvious
         to you after you have looked over the Spring 2009 examples.
     3.  When each button is clicked, you not only HEAR some sound effect or song or dialogue from a movie or whatever that
         plays afterwards, but you SEE some visual graphic appear and then disappear.
         The visual graphic can come on the stage and move across the stage, 
         or it can be so small it cannot be seen, so that when it is played and animates, 
         it grows in size to a certain keyframe and then shrinks back down to nothing.  
         That is what we kind of did on Thursday/02/18 in the lab class - the TEXT that had been broken apart twice, 
         once to separate characters and once further broken down to a SHAPE made up only of pixels - 
         grew in size and then shrunk again, while it rotated.
         Note: Color for a Movie Clip symbol in Flash has an Alpha property 
               that can be set to 0% all the way up to 100%.
               0 percent means invisible, i.e. transparent, cannot see through it,
               while 100 percent means opaque, completely visible.
               50% would mean you could see the object with ALPHA = 50%, but 
               you would also be able to see objects underneath it or through it.
               That is partially visible, partially transparent.
      4. We used CLASSIC TWEENS for this task and it took 3 keyframes.  
         VIP: See item number 7 above, ( REVIEW of 02/18/2010 Thursday class ) - emailFlashAudio.txt, 
         as that April 1st, 2009 email note explains in depth how to create such an animated symbol 
         and why it needs a building block symbol, such as wheelSymbol,
         that is used in 3 keyframes as the content of the rotatingWheelSymbol.

  11. Search for FREE MP3 sounds and find 100s of links like these:

    1. and
    2. and
    3. and
    4. you ain't nothin but a sound dog (Elvis Presley) and
    5. let's be partners in rhyme and rap out some rhythmic phrases sometime.
    6. These are just a very FEW of the links available if you search for FREE MP3 sounds on google.

  12. Send the URL of your completed assignment to after you have uploaded it to and tested it to make sure it works. If you COPY the URL from the web browser and PASTE it into the email note, that ensures that there are no typos or lowercase/UPPERCASE issues, by the way.

  1. Links to more sounds: Buttons, Jet Takeoff and landings, etc.

  2. Sound One Who ya gonna call?

  3. Sound Two Ghostbusters!

  4. Sound Three Show the Channels