Adobe Fireworks CS 1020 Spring 2013

  1. Disjoint Rollovers: Two images, two slices, one behavior line, trigger, target, and two states (Not Iowa and New Jersey!)
  2. Create Rollovers using a hotspots: See the hotspot and the slice. They have to be disjoint.
  3. Apply multiple rollovers to a slice: Rollover plus disjoint rollover behavior both occur when the mouse moves over the target. Both the trigger and target show a new image.
  4. Rollover and swap-image behaviors: Slices, round circles with centered crosshairs, what happens to the slice when a mouse pointer passes over it? How can the trigger be the same slice as the target?
  5. - Login to using your UNI CatID and password. The following tutorials are from Fireworks CS5 Essential Training by Jim Babbage. Watch them and take notes. Turn in two pages of notes and questions at the Tuesday, March 5th class.
  6. 08:44 Having Fun with Filters       Chapter 8 Exploring Creative Options
    08:57 Using the Slice Tool          Chapter 9 Rapid Prototyping
    04:35 Working with States           Chapter 1 The Workspace
    01:51 Understanding the web toolset Chapter 9 Rapid Prototyping
    06:22 Creating Hotspots             Chapter 9 Rapid Prototyping
  7. ...