Final Projects - Fall 2011 - Adobe After Effects

  1. Oday is done. Soccer battles.

  2. Derek is done. Montage of video game action.

  3. Ali is done. Cars everywhere, all types.

  4. Zahra is done. Nature scenes.

  5. Matt is done. Roshambo movie trailer ad.

  6. Tyler is done. Cars racing.

  7. Elizabeth is done. Dr. WHO and Tardis.

  8. Daniel is done. Water dripping.

  9. Luke is done. Wrestling legend Dan Gable.

  10. Glenna is done. What if there was a world with the ...?

  11. Stephanie is done. Last days of Fall, first days of Winter.

  12. Tyler G is done. Gotta catch em all.

  13. Brett is done. A pair of dice in paradise.

  14. Rob is done. Incredible Hulk eye transformation.

  15. Maggie is done. Cawfee shop ++.

  16. Garrett is done. Invisible skateboards mystery.

  17. Bradley is done. Wake up, Brush Teeth, Eat Toast, Catch Bus.

  18. Ethan is done. Snowboarding and Red Bull.

  19. Amelia is done. Storage wars!