Linear Regression in R and SPSS

  1. Data files for SPSS and for R: Predicting Album Sales - linear regression models and scatterplots in R and in SPSS.

    Up and Running with R by Barton Poulson.

    SPSS Statistics Essential Training from, which you login to with your UNI Cat ID.

    1. See 7. Charts for Associations: 7.6. Scatterplots
    2. See 8. Statistics for Associations 8.2. Multiple regression.

    What to turn in for the assignment:
      1. Using the AlbumSales.csv file and 
         the R stat software through RStudio, you will produce 4 scatterplots. 
         There are 4 independent variables and 1 dependent variable.
         Investigate visually the relationship of each IV with the DV.
         You will do the regression in R using the 4 IVs and the 1 DV.
         If you need to review the R, go to and use the
         Up and Running with R video tutorial set.
         5. Charts for Associations 
            5.2. Creating scatterplots      4m 15s
         6. Statistics for Associations
            6.2. Computing a regression     6m 33s
      2. Using the AlbumSales.sav SPSS data set and SPSS software,
         produce the 4 different scatterplots (Each IV with the DV).
         At the FIT line for the LINEAR best fitting regression line
         to each of your scatterplot charts.
         Run the SPSS Regression with the 4 IVs and the 1 DV.
         You do NOT need to do anything except choose the 4 IVs and the 1 DV.
         You will just use the DEFAULTS in the Regression dialogue.
         It is set to ENTER.   That is the default.
         I mentioned STEPWISE and BACKWARD and FORWARD methods in class
         just to see who has heard of those and to preview what we will
         get to 8 or so weeks from now, probably sometime in NOVEMBER!

    Chapter 12: Graphics - The plot() function: The Art of R Programming: A Tour of Statistical Software Design ... UNI library online book.