Bootstrapping in R

  1. Here is the R Script BootStrapping.R created based on the How to Bootstrap video.

    The data file that is needed for the above Bootstrapping example: Exam Anxiety.dat.

    We will cover the bootstrapping concepts on Thursday, 11/17/2015.

    Read pages 291-298 of the R In Action textbook (Bootstrapping).

    We did this script in the Thursday 09/18/2014 class. Due to problems with install.packages("ISwR") and install.packages("ggplot2").
    We did this R Script in the Thursday 10/17/2013 class.

  2. R10: How to Bootstrap. The Case of R-squared is a 14 minute 11 second video. The above The above script file is created to go with the video. Read it and do it.

  3. Please ignore this for now (Fall 2014): country.csv is the Excel CSV format file with Birthrate and Female Life Expectancy. Recall in SPSS during week #1, we did scatterplots and linear regression with birthrate as the independent variable and female life expectancy as the dependent variable. Using R create the output for at least 200 linear models using the approach taught in the video and in the above script. Note that you may use male life expectancy or female life expectancy as the dependent variable.

    What were your extreme values for the coefficients and the r-squared? Also, turn in the histograms of your three vectors.