Logistic Regression in R - due Thursday 11/06/2014

GRE, GPA, undergrad school rank

Predicting effect of GPA on probability of admission to grad school...
(with GRE held constant (average GPA)).

*** VIP for assignment - maybe: GPA_GRE.pdf *** new as of 12:24 pm Thursday. ***

Based on: UCLA tutorial - R Data Analysis Examples: Logit Regression - IDRE Institute for Digital Research and Education.

We did this tutorial in class on Thursday, October 30th, 2014. Do it again, step by step. After you understand it, you will be able to adopt the approach to create the GPA to admission prediction statistics and graphics.

Note: The Tuesday, November 4th midterm election day class also covers the logistic regression concepts. Study the handouts. Here is some of the R code we did that day: