Week #5 - Fall 2014 STAT 4772/5772

  1. Reshaping using melt, stack, unstack. When a data set is too wide, make it taller. When a data set is too tall, make it wider.

    Hiccups.dat data file.

  2. R Script for Chapter 3 of D S U R book:

    Data files for Discovering Statistics Using R: Chapter 3 The R environment.

  3. Files related to reshaping data for statistical data analysis.

  4. Three plots, discussion, and R code: Plotting Assignment on R Graphics - due on September 30th.

  5. Andrew Barr's Basic introduction to R ggplot2 package.

  6. What is a random seed to a random number generator? How to seed the pseudorandom number generator to get reproducible results:

    diamondSample1 <- diamonds[sample(1:nrow(diamonds), 50, replace=FALSE),]
    diamondSample2 <- diamonds[sample(1:nrow(diamonds), 50, replace=FALSE),]
  7. Chapter 4: Exploring Data with Graphs from the DSUR book website.

    DSUR Data files needed for Chapter 4 R graphs ggplot2 package script.