Mission Statement
  The mission of Winning Systems, Inc. is to help individuals and teams (groups) increase their understanding of themselves and how they affect the "Bigger System," so they can make positive choices to benefit themselves and the world around them. The ultimate mission of Winning Systems is to lend a hand in creating greater harmony on the planet by taking care of ourselves, each other, earth's creatures and the environment.


Andrea Wieland
A Winning System is defined as: "a well-balanced, organized, and integrated whole made up of diverse, but interdependent parts that function more effectively together than alone."

Andrea Wieland is a highly sought after speaker who is best known for her genuine enthusiasm, down-to-earth approach, and sincere belief in people. She takes a systems approach to understanding the individual and how we fit in the Bigger Picture of life. Andrea has been "through the trenches" as an athlete while achieving one of her most significant life goals: competing in the Olympics. Her lifetime involvement in athletics combined with her academic pursuits of a doctoral degree in counseling psychology provide Andrea with the necessary insight to reach a variety of groups to help people strive for greatness. Here are a few highlights from Andrea's experience:

  • President and Founder of Winning Systems, Inc., a personal development and team building consulting company.
  • Current goalkeeper on United States Field Hockey Team.
  • 1996 Olympic Team Member, Field Hockey.
  • Ph.D. candidate in Counseling Psychology, University of Iowa.
  • Director of The Winner's Circle Field Hockey Camp, Colorado Springs, CO.
  • Author of A Winner's Journey Series.
  • "Team-builder" of highly competitive intercollegiate athletic teams, and high school athletes; speaker at conventions, schools, clinics, camps, banquets.


  Athletic Career Highlights:

1991-97 USA Field Hockey Team

1993 First student-athlete at University of Iowa to have honorary endowed scholarship fund.

1993 NCAA Woman of the Year, top ten finalist.

1993 Big Ten Conference Medal of Honor.

1992 Big Ten Conference All-Decade Team.

1992 Student-Athlete of the Year, University of Iowa.

1992, 1990 All-American, MVP, captain, University of Iowa.


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