1. Study Guide for Final Exam - now 100% completed.

    a. Added the video tutorial for Time Remapping (Spilled Milk review from book).
    b. Added a few more quizzes from this semester and past semesters.

  2. Student Final Projects - due by Friday at 10 p.m. - 3 students submitted so far.

    The final project is DUE ANYTIME during finals week, including FRIDAY.
    It is NOT DUE on or by Tuesday at 10 a.m.

Storyboard assignment - Due on Oct 31st (Monday). Start reading over this material and looking at past semester's student final projects.

After Effects Parenting Project File to play with and follow the tutorial.

Parenting in Adobe After Effects: Creative COW tutorial on Parenting.

SNORG; Snorg Tee shirts assignments - check them out and make sure you see yours has been received too.

Pineapple and write on and BEAM effect is nice example. we will do WriteOn Beam today.

Chapter 01 of After Effects Expressions for Write on and Beam effect.

Write-on Beam example for Monday, 09/19/2011.

  See Calendar and class summaries and examples link from http://www.cs.uni.edu/~jacobson/AE to link to this page.  

VE, A, and MG - 1st 5 weeks. Monday, August 22nd till Friday, September 24th - FALL 2011

FIRST FIVE WEEKS - August/September - FALL 2011 - F A L L 2011

Week 1 08/22   08/24   08/26  

VE, A, MG Syllabus

CS 2880 12 Syllabus

Homework One Assigned.
Computer labs for Adobe After Effects in LANG 213 and KAB 250 and 108 ITT.


Dances With Wolves example. Lots of keyframes!

First homework due: Paper and Pencil HW. Due on Wednesday September 8th, 2011.
Snorg Tees animation from the FourLayers.PSD file used in class #3. Here is an example of what can be done EVENTUALLY!

JPG of Project Panel in the Four Snorg Tees after importing as a composition from FourLayers.PSD

Week 2 08/29   08/31   09/02  
Snowfall and smoking chimney using CC Snow and AE Expressions.

HANDOUT: Simulating Smoke

Lesson 01: Basic Animation notes.

Download: Files for 08/31 and 09/02 classes.

Week 3 09/05   09/07   09/09  

VIP: HW #1 due - on Wednesday.

Homework ONE due

Photoshop for After Effects - how to zoom it; move it move it move it; color it; cut it; make a new layer; ...

Rock, Paper, Scissors JPEG file - from 1 layer to 4 layers.

PS and AE: Resource page of info, tutorials, etc. on using Photoshop and After Effects. Some of the material is for October and November, especially the Puppet Pin tool! Photoshop Rock, Paper, Scissors file is RockPaperScissors.psd and is in the 2880 directory here. We will take it from 3 layers to 4 layers to review Wednesday. (also the eraser tool).

Snorg Tees application that the video tutorial shows how to create.

Highlights and Outline of video tutorial is useful to use as you watch 10 minute long video on how to create and publish a Snorg Tee shirt AEP project.

Week 4 09/12   09/14   09/16  

Layers review - Lesson 03. Handout on 01/31/2011.


VIP: Last Fall QUIZ ONE study guide and outline.

Spr 2010: First Five Quizzes from Spring 2010 semester.

Email note: QUIZ ONE

SUNNY and uploading using SSH Secure Shell.

Assignment SNORG

Assign One - Sequence Layers, etc. - Snorg Tee Shirts or your choice of JPG or GIF graphics. Due SEPT 23, FRIDAY.
Week 5 09/17   09/19   09/21  



Lesson 01: Basic Animation notes.


Week 6 09/26   09/28   09/30  

Skyline, Water, Sunset assignment.
  Publish To sunny, FLV, SWF, and HTML files...  


See weeks 4 and 5 for study guides again. Lesson 01: Basic Animation notes.


Week 7 10/03   10/05   10/07  

This is part of the STUDY GUIDE for the FRIDAY QUIZ: DIAL 3D notes: 4 pages PDF review of Monday and Wednesday classes.
Skyline, Water, Sunset assignment.

DUE BY 10 pm TUESDAY 10/04...

Stroke Effect, 3D layers, Adobe Illustrator, TINT, wiggle(1,25), Mask Paths, Vector Graphics being rasterized into bitmapped graphics - the 3 layer DIAL application. Pages 287-290 of the textbook (Lesson 12 - Final Project chapter).


Moved to Wednesday 10/12

See weeks 4 and 5 for study guides again. Lesson 01: Basic Animation notes.

Quiz 3 will include the Dial 3D material from the textbook. See also my DIAL 3D notes:
Quiz 3 will also include the Creating a Bird video tutorial that we did in class on Friday.



Vertigo, Flash and After Effects integration.

Storyboard assignment - to be assigned soon. Start reading over this material and looking at past semester's student final projects.

Creating a BIRD tutorial.