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VE, A, and MG - 1st 5 weeks. Monday, January 9th till Friday, February 10th - SPR 2012

FIRST FIVE WEEKS - January/February - SPRING 2012 - S P R I N G 2012

Week 1 01/09   01/11   01/13  

Homework One Assigned.
Computer labs for After Effects: LANG 213, KAB 250 and 108 ITT.

108 ITT - The Production House is open from 8-5 p.m. The hours for the other labs will be available soon.

First homework due: Paper and Pencil HW. Due on FRIDAY January 20th, 2012.

Snorg Tees animation from the FourLayers.PSD file used in class #3. Here is an example of what can be done EVENTUALLY!

JPG of Project Panel in the Four Snorg Tees after importing as a composition from FourLayers.PSD

Dances With Wolves example. Lots of keyframes!

Week 2 01/16   01/18   01/20  
Martin Luther King Holiday - no class.

Lesson 01: Basic Animation notes.
Go to to watch and study Lesson 01!

VIP: HW #1 due - also see week #1 handouts.

Download: Files for 01/19 and 01/21 classes.

Week 3 01/23   01/25   01/27  

HANDOUT: Simulating Smoke from a Chimney with the Particle Playground and Fast Blur effects and the wiggle() expression. We did this on MONDAY, January 24th.

Snowfall and smoking chimney using CC Snow and AE Expressions.

HANDOUT: Simulating Smoke


Go to to watch and study Lesson 03 from After Effects Apprentice textbook!

SUNNY and uploading using SSH Secure Shell.

Snorg Tees application that the video tutorial shows how to create.

Highlights and Outline of video tutorial is useful to use as you watch 10 minute long video on how to create and publish a Snorg Tee shirt AEP project.

Week 4 01/30   02/01   02/03  

Review the material on CREATING A FLV Flash Video playing application from your AE rendered to FLV movie.. Preview the material on UPLOADING to your account. FLVPlayback component is covered in the video tutorial.

Week 5 02/06   02/08   02/10  

After Effects Expresssions - Write-On, Beam, Wiggle(2, 100).

Example of signing your name with Write-On and BEAM effects, along with PICK WHIP.



VIP: Last Fall QUIZ ONE study guide and outline.

Spr 2010: First Five Quizzes from Spring 2010 semester.

Email note: QUIZ ONE


VIP: Review of Friday Photoshop day and preview of week #6 (puppet pin and particle playground).

Paper, Puppet Pins, Photoshop resources and examples.



Check and USE this web page very OFTEN.
Review the old material. Study the new material.
Read! Watch the videos! Take notes! Draw diagrams!