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VE, A, and MG - 1st 5 weeks. Monday, August 23rd till Friday, September 24th - Fall 2010

FIRST FIVE WEEKS - August/September - FALL 2010 - FALL - FALL - FALL - FALL 2010

Weeks 6 thru 12 - October/November - Second Five Weeks - Fall 2010

Week 1 08/23   08/25   08/27  
Who is taking this class? Major Major Major was a character in Catch 22 and got promoted to Major by a computer with a sense of humor. APSRO, Transform, CTI, 3 panels, layers review. Some YouTube examples too (NOT shown in class)!
3 examples created last week:
  1. Oranges
  2. Ghostbusters
  3. Dances With Wolves

Homework One Assigned.

First Five Emails (em)

  1. 1st email
  2. 2nd email
  3. 3rd email
  4. 4th email
  5. 5th email


Relevant Spring 2010 email note - pineapple animation.

ASSIGNMENT: Read it/Watch it assignment: Camtasia produced video lesson on pineapple animation - watch it, pause it, rewind it, take notes on it.


First homework due: Paper and Pencil HW. Due on 08/27. By 09/03 is okay due to confusion on which Friday for due date.
Week 2 08/30   09/01   09/03  
After Effects Expressions - WRITE-ON and BEAM effects.
We added an EXPRESSION to Position, OpaciTy, and Rotation today. We used the WIGGLE(howManyTimesPerSecond, howMuchToWiggle); expression.
  1. What wiggle() can do: Snow falling and Chimney Smoke.

  2. Interactive: snowAEtoFL.html includes rain and snow effects. SLEET will be coming here soon, lol!

  3. SNORG TEEs: Shop soon for FOUR Snorg Tee shirts, if you get the chance! We will use FOUR images for a future assignment. Find FOUR you like!

Introduction to Expressions: See Monday (yesterday): After Effects Expressions, specifically the famous wiggle() expression, was used to improve the smoke from a chimney effect. How to do the WRITE-ON and BEAM effects is covered here too.

SNORG TEEs t-shirts example day

Week 3 09/06   09/08   09/10  
  No Class today!

LABOR DAY national and UNI holiday - much needed day off! :-)

  Watch 12 minutes 27 seconds video tutorial: Pineapple tutorial part 2. VIP to do this BEFORE this class.

  Watch 12 minutes 27 seconds video tutorial AGAIN: Pineapple tutorial part 2 - more on keyframes, easy ease and ease in and ease out of keyframes, speed (velocity) and influence. Adding the Directional Blur effect to the pineapple cartoon character. Chapter 7: The Pictorial Composition - Designing in Space. This is free on DVD ROM for last spring's AE Apprentice textbook.
Week 4 09/13   09/15   09/17  
Pineapple assignment including some animated text or handwriting. Lesson 3 chapter: Layer Control - Review of Monday, Feb 1st class.
Quiz One outline of topics, etc.

Quiz One is on Wednesday.

QUIZ ONE study guide.

Example: SNORG TEE shirt 4 corners with shaking effect. Metaphors, Pluto, Zombies, Fear are the four.

  VIP: QUIZ ONE study guide and outline.

Spr 2010: First Five Quizzes from Spring 2010 semester.

Review the material on CREATING A FLV Flash Video playing application from your AE rendered to FLV movie.. Preview the material on UPLOADING to your account. FLVPlayback component is covered in the video tutorial.

17th ranked UNI volleyball tonight (Friday the 17th)! 7 p.m. McLeod.
UNI volleyball Saturday night! 7:30 p.m. McLeod

Creating a Flash video from an After Effect Comp: Video Lesson is also a review of Friday soup or sundae eve eve class.
What is here and what is next?
Week 5 09/20   09/22   09/24  

Soup or Sundae links on creating, publishing and uploading the Flash application version of your AE projects.
More on publishing AE on your web site as Flash video.
Snorg Tee Shirt Story - FLV to sunny, COMPS as layers, using Flash to publish your rendered AE projects.
Footage for in-class exercise is from Jan van Huysum's Flowers in an Urn. 03/11/1989
  We use Vertigo.fla which is a Flash file. VertigoTextMJ.swf is NOT needed, nor is VertigoMJpostvilleDay.fla.

Followup readings on VERTIGO and finished application available here.

VIP: Spring 2010: emailVERTIGOday.txt ...

Computer labs for Adobe After Effects in LANG and KAB.

Computer labs for Adobe After Effects in LANG 213 and KAB 250 and 108 ITT. Hours for labs Open Labs.



VIP: SNORG TEE SHIRTs ASSIGNMENT handed out on Monday, September 27th and due on Wednesday, October 6th, 2010.

VIP: Send the URL for your completed assignment to when you are DONE. Sign your first name to the email note, please!

Check and USE this web page very OFTEN.
Review the old material. Study the new material.
Read! Watch the videos! Take notes! Draw diagrams!

This is the Visual Effects, Animation, and Motion Graphics "textbook"!
Get your money$ worth out of thi$ web site!
No required textbook thi$ fall.