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VE, A, and MG - 2nd 5 weeks. Monday, Valentine's Day till Friday, March 25 - SPR 2011

Second FIVE WEEKS - February 14th - March 25th - SPRING 2011 - S P R I N G 2011


Week 6 02/14   02/16   02/18  

VIP Review: First Five Weeks Illustrator file for our footage and composition. Use Mozilla Firefox to DOWNLOAD!

Creating a BIRD tutorial.

Snorg Tees video tutorial.

Highlights and Outline of video tutorial.

QUIZ outline and study guide.

Creating a BIRD tutorial.

Snorg Tee shirts tutorial and PDF

VIP: Grid Floor, Radar, and Main Comp 1. Creating 3 COMPS. See Lesson 12 of the AE Apprentice textbook.

Snorg Tee shirt assignment due on February 25th.

Due date: Feb 25

Snorg Tees application.

Highlights and Outline of video tutorial.

Watch 10 minute video on how to create and publish a Snorg Tee project.

Week 7 02/21   02/23   02/25  
Pick Whip icon:
Pick Whip, After Effects Expressions, one property controlling another property using PICK WHIP to set the Expression.

AE Expressions, such as wiggle(howOften, howMuch).pwd


VIP: FLVPlayback component, .swf, .html, .flv, SkinUnderAll.swf and uploading to sunny.

sunnySSHandFLV.pdf: You have the FLV video. How to create the Flash application and upload it to sunny using SSH Secure Shell.

Electronic mail Feb25thQuiz.txt Snorg Tees project is due on MONDAY.

MONDAY at 10 p.m. is OK for Snorg Tees Project done and published up on

SUNNY and uploading using SSH Secure Shell.
Week 8 02/28   03/02   03/04  


MotorCycle.psd - Motion blur, Skew effects, Anchor Point, Sudden Stops visually.

See all the student's Snorg Tee shirt assignments on sunny.

Turn in your SNORG TEEs assignment URL (email it to by 10 p.m. Wednesday evening.

Flocks of Birds - Creating a Flock of Birds with AE Part 2

birdFlock.pdf outline/notes of Bird Flock video.

Lesson 12 AE Apprentice techniques in an example that uses Creative COW Flock of Birds comp for two layers at the very end.

Week 9 03/07   03/09   03/11  
Flock of Birds video tutorial. Part II video tutorial makes a FLOCK of Birds from the BIRD created in Part I.

Dial Comp

Camera basics, animating a camera. Position and Point of Interest. 3D. Null objects. Parent child hierarchies.

Week 10 03/21   03/23   03/25  
Storyboard assignment is due April 4th.   Sunset and River Creative Cow lesson.

Bumpin on Sunset.


Video tutorial review of 03/25 Friday class: Power of Expressions - watch the ERAN STERN video...
...and learn how to do layer markers to create a Jello effect (Jumpy and Squishy Animation). See #6: Animate SCALE at each layer marker.

Check and USE this web page very OFTEN.
Review the old material. Study the new material.
Read! Watch the videos! Take notes! Draw diagrams! Illustrator file for our footage and composition. Use Mozilla Firefox to DOWNLOAD!

Creating a BIRD tutorial.