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VE, A, and MG - 2nd 5 weeks. Monday, February 16th till Friday, March 27th - SPR 2015

SECOND FIVE WEEKS - February/March - SPRING 2015 - S P R I N G 2015

Week 6 02/16   02/18   02/20  
VIP Feb 11th to Feb 23rd:
Lynda Creating a Sports Opening Title - 3 hr 26 min - After Effects Apprentice

Notes on Sports Opening Title After Effects video training (from After Effects Apprentice book too).

2015 folder... use Mozilla Firefox!

River and Sunset... Masks...
Due 02/27/Friday...


Week 7 02/23   02/25   02/27  

River and Sunset... Masks...
Due 02/27/Friday...

Go to to watch and study the Creating Transparency Lesson from the textbook.

Bird Flocks in Final Exam Study Guide.

Week 8 03/02   03/04   03/06  


Study the two Bird Flocks lessons.

Bird Flock assignment CC1 to CC11 eleven questions assigned. Due on Monday, March 9th.

  Paper, Puppet Pins, Photoshop resources and examples.  
Week 9 03/09   03/11   03/13  
Assignment due: Bird Flock questions are due today in class.

Only CC1 to CC11 eleven questions are due. Creative Cow = CC.

Ignore the NL1, NL2, NL3, NL4 questions. NetLogo = NL.

Milk footage for Time Remapping concepts.

Camtasia Video tutorial on Time Remapping.

Storyboard assignment: due date: Friday, March 27th.

March 9th Skater Reflection AEA .aep project file.

Photoshop layers, Puppet Pin, special effects assignment is due TODAY, preferably in class.

Particles, Expressions, Puppet Pin animation, Snorg Tees or your own photo or JPG.

Puppet Pin assignments.

Time Remapping the Milk Drop footage.
Week 10 03/23   03/25   03/27  

Hope it was a good twenty fifteen spring break!





Storyboard assignment:



Check and USE this web page very OFTEN.
Review the old material. Study the new material.
Read! Watch the videos! Take notes! Draw diagrams!