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--- S P R I N G 2010 - 11 MWF - Lang 213 - S P R I N G 2010 ---  
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After Effects and Flash


Breakdown of the class by student's UNI MAJORs. Art: Studio Emphasis and Communications: Electronic Media and 8 other majors are represented!

Lecture summary and reviews of 1st two classes (Lesson 01 from After Effects Apprentice book).
Not ready yet.

What we have done so far is from the Lesson 1 or 1st chapter of the Trish and Chris Meyer book(Chapter 01 = Lesson 01). You have ALL the files on the DVD that comes with that textbook.

Review of class #1 - Introduction to After Effects. (Monday, January 11th)

Check back later for a review of what we covered in class #2. (See email note #3 again).

What the summer of 2009 810:088 Topics: VE, A, and MG class was like (when it included Autodesk Maya along with Flash and After Effects).

This is the old SPRING 2010 810:088 12 VE, A and MG page from previous semester.

Fall 2010 CURRENT home page for 810:088 12 VE, A, and MG, aka After Effects home page

Note: This class will be taught again in Spring 2011 due to high demand and enrollment.

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