Spring 2011 - Final Projects - CS 2880 - 12
Topics in Computing: Visual Effects, Animation, and Motion Graphics

Austin Q.
Wiggle(), CC Snow, Particle Playground, 3D, Scale, Position, Rotation, Tim Burton movie The Nightmare Before Christmas...
Star Wars - Episode IV - A New Hope - text disappears into the infinite horizon.
Star Wars Montage with lots of special effects and characters and puppet tool. Text fading off into infinity appears again too.
Tae Kwon Do, Packers, Jewel, Wings of Desire, Bruce Lee, UNI beats Kansas for sweet sixteen, Ghostbusters, Kung Fu, Piano, Guitar, Dance, Much Ado About Nothing and seeing, ...
Dell computers - Sound FX and breaking glass - Dude, you're getting a DELL.
Austin D.
Remorseless Gaming - US Arthas | Horde - selection of 3D twirling window scenes.
Mario Mushroom, Cool Cucumber, Baby Pea, Hot Pepper, Angry Tomato. Fruits and Vegetables have many faces.
Text effects and animation, Guitars and Piano keyboard photos.
Audio, 3D rotation of text layers, 3D particle or snowflake special effects, lighting/glow, camera moves.
You had me at bacon... Snorg tour de force. Snorgtees loves food - donuts, peanut butter, jelly, olives.
Fish comes alive from the page of a book, then its fish schooling, and finally hitting the books again... Text and wave warp and wiggle effects.
The name is Pea Nut. Phone it in. Move it along people. Audio. Puppet tool and dancing.
Snowfalling on snowman, sun coming out, heavy rainfall, global warming, told you so. Text twirling effect credits.
Delectable Desserts, Exploding Text in credits, Sugar Rush, text effects, Anchor Point and Rotation after Photoshop into layers. Layer Marker and AE expression for jello jiggle effect.
Motorcycles racing, wheelies, lightning, trees, checkered flag.
Snorg Tees and Iowa Hawkeye football... Rule #76, Hinkel, Icing the Kicker, We will Rock You, History #1 vs #2 12 to 10 1985, 3D rotating effects...
presents A Photo Slideshow with music by Pinback from Blue Screen Life album. Particle playground effects transition to I*S*X logo.
ISX Studios - Exploding Text Effect, 3D rotation, disks arising from surface of earth...
Have you ever heard of ... Jeffrey, Jack, Ted? Rotating 3D photos and movie scenes. The media. Famous actors. The audiences. The box office. Locked doors. October 31st. Text effects. Red, White, Black.
Tour de force of text effects. Pure water, sin, God, Jesus, text forming shapes and designs on the black background, It is ..., 12 sided shape finale.
Lego Star Wars Fight - particle playground bullets, spacecraft, cannons, rainfall.
UNI Industrial Technology - Autocad, Metalcasting, Graphics Technology, Construction Management.