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VE, A, and MG - first five weeks... Jan 11 till Feb 12
  01/11   01/13   01/15  
Who is taking this class? Major Major Major was a character in Catch 22 and got promoted to Major by a computer with a sense of humor. APSRO, Transform, CTI, 3 panels, layers review.
3 examples created last week:
  1. Oranges
  2. Ghostbusters
  3. Dances With Wolves
We'll start to study these 3 examples BEFORE the end of January and finish them by February 12th..
  Homework One Assigned.

Continue with Lesson 1 : Basic Animation chapter.

Class 2 review page (not ready yet)

Finish Lesson 1 chapter from After Effects Apprentice book.

Class 3 review page (not ready yet).

Video review of week #1 and of textbook's Lesson 1 (not ready yet)


  01/18   01/20   01/22  
  Martin Luther King holiday   We will use Vertigo.fla which is a Flash file. VertigoTextMJ.swf is NOT needed, nor is VertigoMJpostvilleDay.fla.

Followup readings on VERTIGO and finished application is available here.

VIP: emailVERTIGOday.txt ...

VERTIGO exercise and HW #1 note.
First homework due: Paper and Pencil HW does NOT require AE or the AEApprentice textbook.  
  01/25   01/27   01/29  
  Email note - pineapple animation.

Camtasia produced video lesson on pineapple animation - review of Lesson 1 and 2 chapters.

  12 minutes 27 seconds video tutorial: Pineapple tutorial part 2 - more on keyframes, easy ease and ease in and ease out of keyframes, speed (velocity) and influence. Adding the Directional Blur effect to the pineapple cartoon character.

Quiz One, AE project assign one. Lesson 1 and Lesson 2 of AE Apprentice book.

    Chapter 7: The Pictorial Composition - Designing in Space. This is free on DVD ROM with our AE Apprentice textbook.
  02/01   02/03   02/05  
Pineapple assignment including some animated text or handwriting. Lesson 3 chapter: Layer Control - Review of Monday, Feb 1st class.
Quiz One outline of topics, etc.

Computer labs for Adobe After Effects in LANG and KAB. Hours for Open Labs.

KAB 250 LAB HOURS computer LAB HOURS. Kamerick Art Building = KAB. See Friday 02/05 for directions to KAB 250. AE Pineapple animation assignment due?

Computer labs for Adobe After Effects in LANG and KAB.

Creating a Flash video from an After Effect Comp: Video Lesson is also a review of Friday soup or sundae eve eve class.
What is here and what is next?
  02/08   02/10   02/12  

Soup or Sundae links on creating, publishing and uploading the Flash application version of your AE projects.
More on publishing AE on your web site as Flash video.
Snorg Tee Shirt Story - FLV to sunny, COMPS as layers, using Flash to publish your rendered AE projects.
Footage for in-class exercise is from Jan van Huysum's Flowers in an Urn. 03/11/1989
Introduction to Expressions: After Effects Expressions, specifically the famous wiggle() expression, was used to improve the smoke from a chimney effect. How to do the WRITE-ON and BEAM effects is covered here too.
Snow falling and Chimney Smoke.
  QUIZ 2 will be NEXT WEEK, on Monday.
Snow falling - see LI List Item #8 - snowfall started of stopped by an INVISIBLE button.
After Effects Expressions - WRITE-ON and BEAM effects.
snowAEtoFL.html includes rain and snow effects.

Snow falling and Chimney Smoke.